Marquita Payne Chicago Explains What the Coronavirus Means for Traveling

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Marquita Payne Chicago Corona Travel Marquita Payne Chicago Corona Travel

The coronavirus is a once-in-a-century incident, proving quite dangerous. This has affected a lot of industries, and Marquita Payne Chicago explains the impact on travel.

Chicago, IL / March 28, 2020 / The coronavirus is a complicated beast and has very quickly turned into a global pandemic after originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan and quickly spreading all over the world. The virus is highly transmittable, though it should be noted that it is not airborne. In order to combat the virus, governments and other organizations have strongly encouraged various measures, including self-isolation and social distancing in order to avoid catching the disease. This has had a huge impact on various industries, including travel, both internationally and domestically, and Marquita Payne Chicago explains why.

Marquita Payne Chicago explains how coronavirus has impacted travel

One of the methods of travel that had the most impact is international, following a ban on travel to 26 different countries, including Denmark, Israel, Egypt, Ukraine, Peru, and others. Some cases allow for necessary travel, such as with Canada. Marquita Payne Chicago explains that the travel ban has resulted in people avoiding traveling, either because they have the coronavirus or because they are afraid that they may catch it. There are people who throw caution to the wind when it comes to the coronavirus, which Marquita Payne Chicago recommends against. While younger people may not have much to worry about personally if they have a healthy immune system, but avoiding the coronavirus is not just something one should do for themselves personally, Marquita Payne Chicago points out. When you go out, you run the risk, even if small, of contracting the virus, you run the risk of infecting not only the workers who must continue to expose themselves to others but people who do not have the means to defend themselves from the virus. This may be because they are very young, very old, or because they have a compromised immune system. So be sure that when you travel somewhere that you maintain distance from people, sanitize thoroughly, and avoid touching your face whenever necessary, Marquita Payne Chicago recommends.

According to Marquita Payne Chicago, travel has reduced to a significant degree due to the aforementioned reasons, with people choosing to reduce their travel much in the same way that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. This has resulted in prices of travel tanking, especially for flights. This has made travel right now theoretically appealing, but people are not biting as much for obvious reasons. This has lead to significantly reduced profits for airlines, having them seek 150 billion dollars in aid from the United States government, hoping to counteract the loss of profit with an influx of money. A lot of people are not as enthused by the idea of such aid packages unless guarantees are made that the employees of the companies will have their jobs protected, Marquita Payne Chicago mentions.