Marquita Payne Delivers Advice to Young Minority Professionals for Career Success

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Marquita Payne Marquita Payne

FRISCO, TX / MAY 5, 2020 /  The journey up the corporate ladder can be different for everyone, particularly young minority professionals. Not all demographic groups have the same experiences but there are many pathways to success. Marquita Payne, a minority professional herself, has learned these pathways in her own career journey in the recruitment and human resource industries. Now a successful Recruiting Lead at a renowned corporation, she shares her own secrets about how young minorities can forge their own career path.

The first step Marquita Payne recommends is to find a valuable mentor. “Mentorship is an invaluable opportunity for minority groups to succeed,” says Payne. Rather than waiting for someone to discover them, young professionals would do well to seek out more experienced individuals in a similar desired field. They don’t necessarily have to be your direct supervisor, Payne clarifies. A manager from a different department can offer helpful advice without being too close to the situation.

“It was obvious Marquita was very passionate about her position as both a recruiter and as a mentor to me,” says her co-workers. Marquita Payne had mentored many individuals. “I learned a lot about recruiting and business etiquette from her, and I know that I have a person who I can reach out to in the future who will always have valuable insight.”

Marquita Payne says, “…to be visible in their industry and form a trusted network of recognition.”

Second, it’s important for young minorities to make an effort to get involved in community and professional organizations related to their field. A Board of Directors position, an ethnic Chamber of Commerce, or relevant nonprofit is ideal. The goal is for a young minority – or any professional, for that matter – to be visible in their industry and form a trusted network of recognition. Being involved in these types of organizations are also one of the fastest ways for headhunters to discover you.

Last but not least, it’s important for rising young minority professionals to recognize that they are the figureheads of their minority group. Rather than seeing this as a burden, they can utilize this as a strength and be a shining example for others less fortunate. Carrying the burden as a torch is a privilege, not a disadvantage, and helps them to succeed through mentoring and opening the door to more opportunities. ‘Be a victor, not a victim’ – that’s the old adage Marquita Payne herself lives by. She hopes she can continue to do the same for those being mentored by her, and many more to come.