Marquita Payne On why Diversity in the Workplace is Good for Everyone

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Marquita Payne Marquita Payne

When it comes to the workplace, diversity is key. If you lack a diversity of people, you often lack a diversity of perspectives. Marquita Payne explains why this is.

Frisco, TX/ April 15, 2020 / Diversity is an important factor in any good business, and one of the biggest challenges for many is that they are able to recognize when it is lacking and, in turn, taking corrective measures to fix this. There are people who may deride the decision to seek diversity in the workplace, believing that it will result in unqualified people from underrepresented groups being employed. However, this is not typically the case, as efforts are made to ensure that anyone who is employed is still capable of doing the job. Marquita Payne explains both how this process is done and why it is better for everyone involved for a company to be more diverse.

Marquita Payne on the value of diversity in the workforce

Diversity brings a lot of advantages, Marquita Payne notes, when implemented in the workforce. If a workforce is over-represented by one gender, one sexuality, one ethnicity, it can have negative effects in a variety of ways. For instance, 70 percent of hiring managers stated that engaging in diversity initiatives resulted in significant growth in their company. One advantage of improved diversity that Marquita Payne cites is that it can result in more employees who are multilingual, which in turn creates more ability for your employees to engage in more markets and with more potential customers. Gender diversity can also show positive effects for a company, showing a 40 percent increase in revenue over the first year. Furthermore, diversity initiatives can be great in the event that a company’s hiring manager has been showing undue bias to certain groups of people, Marquita Payne points out. Diversity initiatives help to combat potential bias by ensuring that these different groups are treated fairly.

Diversity is not just good for the people being hired, mind you — your company stands to benefit quite a bit. Beyond the advantages mentioned above, Marquita Payne mentions a diversity of perspectives as is one of the biggest things that comes out of it. Different cultures, upbringings, lifestyles, and other factors can create an eye for your respective industry that other employees from different cultures, upbringings, or lifestyles may have. By having these differing perspectives, Marquita Payne states, you run less of a risk of running into the serious problem of tunnel vision, where you have your eyes set on only one thing and have trouble staying away from that due to employees who are similarly stuck with that perspective. Marquita Payne hopes that such diversity initiatives can continue to not only aid in improving businesses across the globe but also make more and better employment opportunities for these businesses’ workers, regardless of what groups they belong to, along the way.