Martin F. Garcia and Lake County Lightning Volunteer with the Feed My Starving Children Charity

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Martin F Garcia Feed My Starving Children Charity Martin F Garcia Feed My Starving Children Charity

Baseball coach of Wauconda, IL Martin F. Garcia is a regular volunteer of USSSA sports programs.  

Before Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda began volunteering with the USSSA as a coach, he had his own sports career in baseball and softball where he earned a reputation for outstanding sportsmanship and athletic ability. In his own sports career, he played shortstop, second base, and third base, gaining a wide understanding of the game. The USSSA program is only able to provide a rich experience to the youth involved because of model coaches like Mr. Garcia who pass on their own legacies to new generations.

Garcia has sponsored a handful of teams in his community, serving as coach and manager for years on many local teams. His contributions, along with the support of dedicated parents and sponsors, ensure that youth participate in an exciting and stress-free atmosphere.

Besides serving as USSSA coach in his spare time, Martin F. Garcia works with Catholic churches and other local charities to leave a positive impact on the community.

“It doesn’t require much from people to lend a helping hand to local charities and outreach programs,” says Martin F. Garcia. “They’re already organized and running full steam ahead, all volunteers do is pick a spot along the assembly line for a little while.”

Garcia and his team the Lake County Lightning support many local charities in addition, including frequent contributions to the Feed My Starving Children charity.

Marin F. Garcia is a regular volunteer with the Feed My Starving Children charity branch at their Illinois location. The program is headed by Global Impact who is a major organizer of charitable events and groups around the world.

Global Impact works with hundreds of public and private sectors and provides campaigns that generate funding for an alliance of over 100 of the most respected international charities. Because of their wide network of partnerships, Global Impact is able to provide results in real time to communities in need. They provide support to programs that deliver clean water, disaster relief, and resiliency, economic development, education, environmental sustainability, global health, child survival. Global Impact also works with organizations seeking to eliminate human trafficking, hunger, and malaria among others.

Since it was founded in 1956, Global Impact has generated over $1.8 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. They sponsor many groups through strategy implementation, customized consulting services, and ongoing organizational support. However, the various charities within the network wouldn’t get far without the help of volunteers like Martin F. Garcia.

“As volunteers, we’re able to not only help people through the charities we support,” says Martin F. Garcia, “but we also inspire others to give back, whether that’s through sports programs, soup kitchens, or other outreaches.”

Both he and the Lake Country Lightning rally others to give back to their communities through regular involvement in programs such as the Feed My Starving Children.