Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda Carries on His Sports Legacy Through USSSA Involvement

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Martin F Garcia of Wauconda Carries on His Sports Legacy Martin F Garcia of Wauconda Carries on His Sports Legacy
Martin F Garcia of Wauconda Carries on His Sports Legacy Through USSSA Involvement

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) challenges youth to become better athletes and improves character through their national programs. Volunteer coaches like Martin F. Garcia use the knowledge and skill of their own sports legacies to improve youth performance and instill good sportsmanship among their teams.

Before Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda signed on to be a volunteer coach with the USSSA, he earned a reputation for excellent sportsmanship and outstanding athletic ability, most notably in baseball and softball. By hiring others like him, USSSA programs guarantee to improve youth performance and give team members true leaders to model after.

“USSSA coaches aren’t just sporting enthusiasts with the know-how to play,” says Martin F. Garcia. “Most of us come from sports backgrounds, whether professional or not. We do more than teach kids to play the game––we help them grow as individuals and teach them how to take their sports talent to the next level.”

By enlisting the help of qualified coaches, the USSSA upholds their mission to be the most professionally represented sports organization in the world. For example, Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda is a 4-time 16-inch Softball National Champion, playing on multiple winning teams throughout his career.

In 2002, Martin Garcia was a major player on the Licorice Softball team and helped lead them to a win in the South Bend Indiana competition. In 2004, he played with the Miller 45’s and won in Glendale Arizona, and in the same year won 2nd Team All American played with Maxim Softball in Marshalltown, IA. In 2008 and in 2009, Martin Garcia played with team Flashback and won the championship games in Crystal Lake, IL, demonstrating his athletic talent year after year.

Martin F. Garcia leaves his own legacy of sports play behind to help kids achieve their own. He’s played shortstop, second base, and third base, and uses his years of experience to coach today’s youth through their own competitions.

“There’s a lot of potential in the USSSA program for kids to excel and build lasting relationships with adults and teammates,” says Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda. “But there’s also plenty of opportunities for them to make a future out of their sports involvement.”

The USSSA sponsors large competitions across the country, some with thousands of spectators and supporters attending. From this, youth get connected with sports professionals, universities and colleges, and sponsors looking to recruit professional players. Beyond building good character and furthering their athletic ability, the players get a chance to take their sports involvement into the future.

Besides becoming better athletes, players learn lasting positive values through team involvement and interactions with the association’s outstanding leaders. Through volunteer coaches like Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda, the USSSA makes a positive impact on the lives of youth across the country.