Marty Garcia of Wauconda and Other Volunteers Urge Communities to Sign Up for USSSA Involvement

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Martin F Garcia Volunteers Urge Communities to Sign Up for USSSA Involvement Martin F Garcia Volunteers Urge Communities to Sign Up for USSSA Involvement

The USSSA is a nonprofit organization that volunteer qualified leaders like Marty Garcia of Wauconda to coach teams and mentor youth in their neighborhoods. Signing up for USSSA involvement is easy and inexpensive, and volunteers like Marty Garcia encourage communities across the country to get involved so they can benefit from the program’s uplifting atmosphere.

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Viera, FL, but it initially began as a smaller venture in Petersburg, VA. The association has brought together youth in a positive atmosphere to compete in sports such as softball and baseball since 1968, expanding their offerings and reaching thousands and thousands of players.

They sponsor competitions of different size and caliber across the country, from small-town sports to out-of-state events with thousands of spectators. In these positive environments, youth connect with like-minded players, colleges, and various sports associations that may be on the lookout for future recruits. Beyond this, though, the USSSA and volunteers like Marty Garcia of Wauconda give players a chance to build character, better their athletic ability, and partake in a healthy outlet (both mentally and physically).

“Sports involvement can change the way these kids view their days and improve how they see themselves in society,” says Marty Garcia of Wauconda. “Qualified coaches show them how to improve their athletic talent and be respectful individuals.”

Marty Garcia of Wauconda left behind his own sports career to improve his community and encourage growth from local youth. He’s played shortstop, second base, and third base among other positions. In 2002, Mr. Garcia played with the Licorice Softball team and lead them to wins in the South Bend Indiana competition. He also played with the Miller 45’s, team Flashback, and Maxim Softball and placed second in the Team All American in 2004. He left his own legacy behind to help instill positive values in his community as a volunteer softball coach through the USSSA.

“Many people don’t know how easy and affordable it is to register a team in the USSSA,” says Marty Garcia. “The USSSA requires minimal effort from volunteers beyond showing up and helping kids understand good sportsmanship.”

To register a USSSA team, those in charge only need to visit the Team Registration page, read through the instructions, and click on the provided link to start the online documentation. Once the simple registration is over, team leaders will receive a sanction number to identify their team. The cost to register your team online with USSSA in 2019 is $40 and is valid from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019. From there, the team is placed on a mailing list that will provide updated information from the USSSA, including how to participate in tournaments and leagues as well as receiving an official rule book. Team leaders can sign up for registration, but there are also guardian registrations so that parents can allow their kids on to teams and keep up with news and updates.

Marty Garcia of Wauconda and other volunteers help to curb negative lifestyle habits and depression in youth by getting them involved in USSSA sports. Through their support, youth build healthy friendships and stay active to be healthier, happier individuals as they approach adulthood.