Mary Jessup – How Business Owners Reduce Stress

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How One Business Owner Reduces Stress

Many business owners know that running a business leads to constant stress and anxiety. What could happen? What if I fail? Am I successful? These are all questions many CEOs ask themselves internally on a daily basis. The daily hustle of managing the workplace and resolving issues 24/7 can have some adverse effects on your health. That is why it is so important to control your stress, and here are some quick tips that Mary Jessup used.

Mary Jessup is a keen observer and an active participant when it comes to how she can reduce her stress levels. As the head of Allegheny Valley Transfer Company, Jessup concentrates on a stressful time in any families life. Moving. This family company was started nearly 100 years ago in 1925 by her grandfather.

When you are handling other peoples’ goods they tend to be over criticize your work. It makes sense, they do not want their belongings ruined. Here are some of the way Mary reduced her stress while still increasing her business.


Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


“Stay active no matter what,” Mary Jessup says when reflecting on the positive lifestyle changes she has made. Spending most of her time as a “couch potato” she knew she needed to make a change. After surviving a divorce and gaining complete control of the company Mary was prone to more stress than ever before.

By staying active everyday Mary decreased her stress levels and improving her mental focus. What a powerful combination. She started to bike, do yoga, and she also visits the gym three times every week. “I was more capable of dealing with stresses and more relaxed. When you’re working out, you can physically feel a lift of the pressure off you.”


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Family Time is Important


To many individuals, family is the most important thing in their lives. Sometimes you may seem like your family is on the backburners while you are trying to improve your business. Learning to balance personal and business is the key to maintaining a happy life. After a long day, you may feel less motivated or exhausted. Jessup says she makes plans with her friends after work and will force herself to be social. These meetings are sometimes twice a week and with different people. This helps Mary gain different viewpoints or perspectives on what is important.

Pets are another way Jessup likes to enjoy herself. By setting aside a few minutes every minute to play with her Siamese cats this gives her an “escape” before the day starts.


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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When you are a business owner you may tend to want to do everything. Once Mary learned to delegate her roles and responsibilities are work this freed up more time for her to enjoy herself. Rather than staying late every day to finish important tasks, Jessup will pass a specific project off to a trusted colleague for assistance. Jessup was quoted as saying, “as an entrepreneur, you like to think you’re more detail-oriented than everyone else, but then you end up taking on too many responsibilities,”.

The biggest thing Jessup did was hiring a Financial Advisor to assist her in figuring out the best financial decisions for herself. Another from lines of credit to business loans. If you are struggling with balancing your books it is always a smart business decision to seek professional help before matters worse. Professionals are there to steer you in the right direction so do not be afraid, ask for assistance.

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