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MedLaser Experts has an A+ rating as a seller of pre-owned and refurbished lasers to ophthalmologists, cosmetic surgeons, and gynecologists across the country, as well as dealing in endoscopy equipment, and C-Arms. Based in NC, the company has proven outstanding service that far exceeds client expectations for over ten years.

The team at MedLaser Experts specializes in both the sales and service of cosmetic lasers and medical equipment. For over a decade they’ve sold both new and pre-owned lasers in addition to seller re-certified lasers and equipment. All the products that come through MedLaser Experts are fully serviced and refurbished, arriving at their destinations patient-ready, and in many cases with extended warranties. The company primarily deals in trade of equipment and low use repossessions but also specializes in fully refurbished Sciton lasers and systems of all types.

The team at MedLaser Experts strive to select only higher-end equipment for their pre-owned division and purchase from reputable banks, leasing companies, manufacturer trade-ins, and end-users who have detailed service records. For over a decade, they’ve provided quality equipment and quality prices, and even offer white glove delivery and installation services.

Their work has been praised by many hundreds of satisfied customers, and the proof of their industry-leading services are apparent in dozens of customer reviews:

“We purchased a Star-lux 300 COD and it delivered perfectly. Post-sale service has been great, highly recommend.” –Dr. C, NYC.

“Recently we purchased a Sciton Joule from these guys and the machine was like new. I was skeptical until the machine arrived. Everything was in the original cases, they unloaded and installed. They also trained us and gave us all the treatment guides. It was a pleasure truly.” –Kate, Denver, Colorado.

“While searching for a used Cutera XEO we came across The laser experts and they seemed very knowledgeable. They worked with us for about 3 weeks before we purchased it. We paid upfront so of course, we were a bit nervous, but everything arrived perfectly. The machine is great, and we saved a ton.” –anonymous

“We have been searching for a used Scion for months and ended up landing with these people, and to my surprise, the machine arrived like new. [Purchased a] Sciton Joule 7 and we paid far less than new. Very pleased.” –anonymous

“We are a chain and we have 18 Zerona’s that needed service and repair. 5 were not functional, they came in and repaired and serviced all 18 system and all sites over a full week. They left us with 17 of 18 working, and trained our new staff. I recommend.” –Steve, Southern Cal.

Purchased a Palomar Star-Lux 500 and the machine was damaged in shipping. They sent us a replacement next day and took back the broken system. Impressed.

Recently purchased a lightsheer Duet and arrived on time and excellent condition. Thanks folks.

We sold them our Sciton since I am retiring and they paid promptly and picked up the machine. They did ask me to write this but I was happy to, was a good experience, went relatively smooth.

They repaired our light sheer and shipped back. The machine stopped working about a month later, and they sent a tech to us and repaired on site under warranty with no cost. I was pleasantly surprised having been in the laser business for almost 15 years. Thank you.

Very knowledgeable, shipping took longer than I expected, but the machine is great. Overall good experience and recommend.

We worked with Anthony to troubleshoot our Palomar ICON, and he was pretty qucik getting back to us, and overnighted us filters to fix our problem under warranty. Happy! Orlando, Florida.

My wife and I are just starting out in the laser business, we met with Luis and he helped us pikc the right laser, they delivered to us, and trained us. We are just starting out so we are a little nervous, but happy about the purchase so far. C. Miranda, Miramar, FL.

Purchased twi Sciton BBL table top systems for our two centers in NC. Both delivered COD, trained staff, and systems are working perfectly, its been 3 months so far, and no problems.

While no company is perfect, most of their reviews laud the professionalism and convenience that MedLaser Experts provide to all their customers, no matter how small or large a purchase. As a very knowledgeable and customer-focused organization, MedLaser Experts continues to deliver unparalleled service and connects shoppers with certified equipment guaranteed to operate for long-term use.

We purchased an InMode 2018, we are located in Palm Beach Florida. We were initially nervous about paying up front, but they delivered as promised, and exactly as was on our contract. Danielle, Ciao Bella Med Spa, Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

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