Media Entrepreneur, John Zimmel, Shares Tips on How to Grow a Social Media Presence

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Media Entrepreneur John Zimmel Shares Tips on How to Grow a Social Media Presence Media Entrepreneur John Zimmel Shares Tips on How to Grow a Social Media Presence

Owner of four media companies, John Zimmel from Greenwich, CT, shares some of his best tips for growing followers and building relationships on social media.

Quality over quantity: this is John Zimmel’s mantra when it comes to building a likable brand on social media. A young entrepreneur in his early twenties, John Zimmel runs four separate media companies, including his digital content creation agency, West 35 Media.

“Building your brand on social media offers many benefits, even for small businesses,” said John Zimmel. “A good social media presence helps improve your customer service, build brand authority, drive traffic to your website, and build a loyal fan base.”

“It’s more than garnering hundreds of likes or followers,” continued John. “Brands should also be focusing on engagement. Are followers commenting on posts? Are these comments positive or negative? Are they tagging their friends? The best brands build a relationship, a community with their followers.”

So how do brands build their social media presence and create a likable brand that attracts loyal customers and engaged followers?

“For one,” said John Zimmel. “Limit promotional content. No more than 10%. The majority of your content should be split between interesting and informative content and user-generated content. People don’t follow you to be blasted with promos, coupons, sales, and other incentives. They do it to either learn more about your brand’s industry or to be entertained. Incentives play only a small part in keeping peoples’ interest.”

“As a second tactic, learn the best times to post on social media,” said John Zimmel. “Facebook and Instagram offer some great insights and analytics around your followers’ engagement levels. If you’re just starting out, there are a few general rules of thumb you can follow.”

For Facebook, the best days to post are between Thursday and Sunday, between the times of 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Instagram’s best days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during lunchtime (11:00 AM to 1:00 PM) and after work (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM).

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About John Zimmel
John Zimmel is a young, vibrant entrepreneur from Greenwich, CT who’s eager to take his clients’ brand recognition to the next level through social media strategies and high-quality digital content. John Zimmel owns and operates four businesses including his modern-day communications parent company, Labyrinth35X, audio production company, Grass Fed Audio, digital content creation agency, West 35 Media, and his video production company, Nameless Productions. John Zimmel is also a performer of magic.

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