Medical Professional Dr. Muhammed Niaz is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and Sleep Medicine

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Dr Muhammed Niaz Dr Muhammed Niaz

Through decades of outstanding service as a medical professional, Dr. Muhammed Niaz has set the bar for his peers and regularly encourages them to improve their offerings to optimize patient care. To date, he has been board certified in internal medicine, addiction medicine, obesity medicine, and sleep medicine, making him one of the most highly-capable specialists in his field. 


Dr. Muhammed Niaz is a board-certified physician and a fellow from the American College of Physicians. He graduated from Sindh Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan and remained in the area to receive intensive medical training and experience until 1992. Afterward, Dr. Niaz completed an internship from Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn and a residency from Providence Hospital.


Today, he is board certified in a number of fields, including internal medicine, sleep medicine, obesity medicine, and addiction medicine. Additionally, he is a trained Diplomate from the American College of Pain Management and a Certified Clinical Densitometrist. Across an illustrious career, Dr. Muhammed Niaz has continually demonstrated outstanding care for all his patients and pushed his own professional goals to lofty heights. 


He’s undergone many specialized trainings that allow him to broaden his services and apply his medical expertise to form new solutions in various fields. He was invited into a Fellowship in Infectious Disease at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1996, which he successfully completed in 1998. He’s served a residency at both Providence Hospital in Washington DC, George Washington University, and Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.

He also completed Toxicology Lab Training and earned his COLA, Certificate of Laboratory Accreditation, in 2018.


After earning the requisite degrees and trainings, Dr. Muhammed Niaz served in a number of professional roles in the medical industry. Since July of 2003, he has taken on the role of medical Director for Tri-State Health Inc., a position he still holds to this day. He’s served as a Civil Surgeon for the US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) and a Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation (DOT). He also serves as the Medical Director for Serenity Health. 


During his professional career, he’s gained a variety of accreditations and earned a variety of titles such as a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, American Academy of Pain Management, American Board of Addiction Medicine, American Board of Sleep Medicine, and the American Board of Obesity Medicine. 


His outstanding contributions have been recognized by many top medical facilities across the nation, earning him many respected accolades and awards. To date, Dr. Muhammed Niaz has won the Best Research Award from the Providence Hospital Residency Program in Internal Medicine and the Preceptor Certification of Appreciation at the University of Delaware School of Nursing Community Service. In addition, he’s involved in many charity programs and volunteered to develop a Hepatitis C treatment protocol in Brandywine Counseling for patients who could not afford the cost of Hepatitis C treatment or did not have insurance.


“It’s not enough to complete your medical training and then sit comfortably in your field without growing or experiencing new hurdles,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz. “I believe every healthcare professional should strive to test their limits and take on new challenges so that we can continue expanding our collective knowledge and improving medical offerings everywhere.”