Meditation Can Slow Brain Aging, Neuroscience Finds, and More Benefits According to Expert Dipanshu Sharma

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Meditation Guru Dipanshu Sharma Shares Why You Need to Start Meditating


A neuroscientist has found that those who practice meditation have more gray matter in their frontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that is linked to decision making and memory. This research verified what many avid meditators already knew to be true experientially, said Dipanshu Sharma, founder of Meditation.Live.


Those who meditate regularly see reduced stress, better memory, and more mental clarity and focus, said, Dipanshu Sharma. As the body begins to age, meditation can actually slow down the aging process of the brain, keeping you sharper for more years.


According to the study, 50-year-old meditators studied had the same amount of gray matter as those who are only 24 years old, even though most people’s frontal cortex shrinks as they grow older. “Studies suggest that with only 15 minutes of meditation a day, positive benefits can be seen,” said Dipanshu Sharma.


In addition to these positive benefits, the study saw shrinkage of the amygdala in habitual meditators. The amygdala, Dipanshu Sharma explained, is the region of the brain associated with fear, anxiety, and aggression. “When the amygdala shrinks in those who regularly practice meditation, that shows they have reduced stress over time as a result,” Dipanshu Sharma said.


The study looked at long-term meditators who had seven to nine years of experience and showed that they had greater gray matter in the auditory and sensory cortex of the brain, as well as the insula and sensory regions. Maintaining the habit of meditation is key, Dipanshu Sharma said, and there is no better time to start than now to reap these results in older age!


As the study shows, it is not necessary to meditate for great lengths of time each day. On the contrary, it is important to find ways to fit mindfulness and meditation into your everyday routine, Dipanshu Sharma said, which is why he founded Meditation.Live. The company offers more than 180 live, interactive classes every month from world-renowned monks and teachers. The classes are created for the workplace and promote mindfulness throughout the day in short spurts. Many classes are 15 minutes or less.


“Many people invest in not letting their outward appearance age with surgeries, creams, and supplements,” Dipanshu Sharma said. “People need to recognize the importance of slowing down brain aging as well, as even more important than keeping your face looking young.”


Meditation greatly increases focus and productivity, helps manage relationships, stress, and anxiety and promotes deeper relaxation. And neuroscience backs up that it has physical, visible impacts on the brain.