Meditation Integrated Into Curriculum in England Provides Amazing Benefits, Says Dipanshu Sharma

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Meditation Expert Dipanshu Sharma Says Mindfulness, Meditation Have Big Payoff for All Ages

In England, 370 schools will now integrate meditation and mindfulness into the curriculum to put a focus on the mental health of young people. Under a government mental health study, in these schools, children will learn to meditate, techniques for muscle relaxation and breathing exercises.

Part of the reason for this change to the curriculum is that a growing number of children are suffering from depression and anxiety and mental disorders. A few schools in the United States have also implemented mindfulness classes and activities, as many people are starting to recognize the benefits forming the habit can have on youth, said Dipanshu Sharma, the founder and CEO of

“Teaching mindfulness to young people addresses negative behavior before it happens rather than after,” Dipanshu Sharma said. “It begins to teach thoughtfulness, calmness and de-stressing practices so it’s less likely for distracting behavioral issues to crop up as often in the classroom.”

Meditation is not just for adults, Dipanshu Sharma said, and not just adults face stress and anxiety. More than ever, children suffer from mental health problems and become stressed, causing them to act out or even become aggressive. Meditation, taught at a simple level that kids can understand, instills in them a habit that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Dipanshu Sharma said the model used at schools in England is a good one. Younger students will be taught simple techniques and exercises. The older students will have a deeper dive and more hands-on education, learning about mental health awareness and how to increase mindfulness in their everyday lives. “It’s important to teach mindfulness benefits and techniques at an age-appropriate level,” Dipanshu Sharma said.

Studies have shown that meditation increases focus and productivity, helps people control their emotions and strengthen relationships, sleep better, manage stress and anxiety and relax more deeply. Dipanshu Sharma’s company,, focuses on providing wellness solutions and group sessions, mostly for a corporate setting, which enhances the wellness culture in the workplace. Dipanshu Sharma said the wellness culture in the classroom can be improved by meditation in a similar way.

“Meditation increases focus, productivity and reduces everyday stress for all ages,” Dipanshu Sharma said. He added that getting young people interested in meditation at a young age will help ensure the habit sticks and that those students will continue practicing this habit and establishing routines that benefit their mental health for years to come.