Meditation.Live Celebrates First Year of Success, Says Founder Dipanshu Sharma

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Dipanshu Sharma Meditation Live Celebrates First Year of Success Dipanshu Sharma Meditation Live Celebrates First Year of Success

Meditation Apps Looks to Future After Year of Growth, According to Dipanshu Sharma


Meditation.Live, a mindfulness and meditation app celebrates its one-year anniversary on July 2019. The app features meditation and mindful movement classes that help participants reduce mental clutter and find true purpose, says Dipanshu Sharma, the founder of the company. 


The company has been backed by top investors, including Steve Murry of Revolution Growth, Dennis Phelps of IVP and early investor in Snapchat, founder and CEO of Eric Yuan and many more. Meditation.Live has raised more than $2.5 million from investors, according to Dipanshu Sharma. 


The excitement and investment from entrepreneurs has been invaluable in the success and rapid growth of, Dipanshu Sharma says, but the people who use and benefit from Meditation.Live make it all worthwhile, he believes. The company has adapted to what users and companies need in a meditation app, making it a versatile fit for many lifestyles, Dipanshu Sharma says. 


Meditation teachers from around the world teach classes on the platform, while doctors, authors, monks and mindfulness teachers are part of the team, working to build Meditation.Live to be the best it can be for its users. 


Dipanshu Sharma says feedback from the app’s users is part of the reason for the rapid growth. Meditation.Live offers a variety of live classes in the morning, afternoon and evenings so it suits any schedule. Some people choose to use it in the workplace, while others prefer to practice at home. The platform also offers on-demand audio meditation classes for on the go users and the option to set up a meditation timer with a variety of natural soundscapes. 


“The goal of the platform is to make meditation and mindfulness easy to integrate into the average person’s life,” Dipanshu Sharma says. “It creates happier, more purposeful people who can establish a lifelong positive habit.” 


Meditation.Live offers a team plan, a corporate wellness solution with a leaderboard and tracking system. Teams also have the opportunity to host live and interactive wellness sessions to help employees thrive in the workplace and in their personal daily lives. 


The platform is also affordable— a basic version of the app can be downloaded for free, and an upgraded version for individuals and businesses is reasonably priced. It is important to the company to be accessible to all, Dipanshu Sharma said


To learn more about Meditation.Live and join in, reaping the personal and professional benefits, visit Meditation.Live. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.