Meditation.Live, Founded by Dipanshu Sharma, Celebrates One Year Since Incorporation

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Dipanshu Sharma Celebrates One Year Since Incorporation Dipanshu Sharma Celebrates One Year Since Incorporation
Dipanshu SharmaThis week, celebrates its one year anniversary and the successes it has seen in the last year as it brings meditation and mindfulness practices into corporate spaces. is a wellness platform with a mission of inspiring 5 billion people to find their true purpose by featuring meditation and mindful movement classes, according to founder Dipanshu Sharma. The classes offered through encourage participants to look inward, reduce mental clutter, improve happiness and find their true purpose, Dipanshu Sharma said. The platform also allows students to ask questions of teachers live, increasing opportunities for learning and making appropriate even for beginners.

To celebrate this one year anniversary, is unlocking all classes and meditations in the app for free for four days, from July 4 to July 7, 2019. People are encouraged to try out during this trial period and test out the platform and its interactive classes. The app is available on Apple, Google and Samsung stores, Dipanshu Sharma said.

“The platform has seen many phases over the past year, all because we’ve listened and adapted to what users and companies need most from us,” said Dipanshu Sharma.“In a very short period of time, we have reached the number one app for health and fitness in India, have been featured by Samsung in the USA and added several thousand employees via our enterprise health program.”

Dipanshu Sharma said he is proud of the app’s success over the last year, but that he could not have done it alone. “We built an amazing team that is literally global, making a 24/7 company, but the time differences haven’t affected our communications,” he said.

Dipanshu Sharma said he is also thankful for the doctors, authors, monks and mindfulness and yoga teachers that make the incredible resource that it is. These experts in health, wellness and meditation ensure the experience is effective and hugely beneficial to users, Dipanshu Sharma explained.

Hearing from customers who use and have experienced the benefits of mindfulness and having a live class available at any time has been rewarding, Dipanshu Sharma said. He is excited to continue to grow the app in the next year and expand the practice of mindfulness and meditation in people’s everyday lives. is backed by top investors and entrepreneurs, including Steve Murry of Revolution Growth, Dennis Phelps of IVP, Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of and many more. The company has raised more than $2.5 million from investors.

To learn more about and take advantage of the seven-day free trial to see what the hype is all about, visit or download the app at