Meditation.Live From Founder Dipanshu Sharma Available to Businesses Looking to Increase Mental Wellbeing

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Dipanshu Sharma Meditation Live Dipanshu Sharma Meditation Live
Workplace Meditation, Movement Encouraged in Corporate Spaces and Can Pay Dividends, Says Dipanshu Sharma

After months of testing wellness plans with enterprise clients, is officially available to all businesses in the United States. The company already has an impressive client base including 15Five, Accesso, Celtra, CredPR and many more. offers plans for corporations to add mental health wellness with meditation of movement classes to their employee benefits package.

“It’s not often that a 30-minute meeting at the office can leave employees feeling more energized and focused,” said CEO Dipanshu Sharma. “This is an amazing benefit to offer employees to keep them mentally healthy and productive in the workplace.” is a corporate wellness platform founded by Dipanshu Sharma that provides enterprise wellness solutions and group sessions which feature meditation/movement classes, courses, workshops and panels in a live and interactive setting. gives you access to the best meditation teachers around the world and offer over 180 live classes.

“ brings the well-known benefits of meditation to the workplace to enhance wellness culture, improve leadership skills and personal relationships and increase focus, productivity and reducing stress,” said Dipanshu Sharma.

The app includes include audio meditations, which make it easier for users to incorporate meditation into their daily routines without much interruption. Some audio meditations are specifically geared to walking and running so they fit into your busy life, according to Dipanshu Sharma.

“Ask an Expert” class panels are also kicking off, which allows students to speak with the teachers in a fireside chat format. Users can ask any questions they have about yoga and meditation in a safe and non-judgmental environment to get direction and guidance. These monks have been hired from around the world and currently teach in Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Apple, Google, Columbia University and many more. offers new and improved features that can suit any company and is competitively priced, said Dipanshu Sharma. “We are setting the standard for corporate wellness initiatives.”

The app also has a new video format, which allows users to join meditations without granting access to their device’s microphone or camera, though audio and video are available for those who choose to use it. Those who don’t turn on video and audio can ask questions via chat so they can still participate with other users.

The app also offers a unique collection of usage tracking, top mediator leaderboards and wellness rewards, Dipanshu Sharma said, which incentivizes keeping employees and app users engaged and promoting the continuing use of the app to see further benefits.

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