Meet Arman Izadi: The Man, the Myth, the Legendary Graffiti Guru

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Armani Izadi Meet Arman Izadi The Man the Myth the Legendary Graffiti Guru Armani Izadi Meet Arman Izadi The Man the Myth the Legendary Graffiti Guru

A rags to riches story that’s honestly the stuff of movies. From selling monthly spa memberships at 17 to becoming a multi-millionaire social media superstar mere decades later, just who is Arman Izadi?

Many know him from Jake and Logan Paul’s YouTube videos; the high-spirited guy seen busting a move and painting awe-inspiring graffiti murals. What those videos don’t show is that Armani Izadi has had a humble start that inspired the mile-a-minute work ethic he pursues today.

Vegas’ Nightlife Gets a Makeover

“Here’s the deal. And it’s a big deal.” Armani Izadi’s catchphrase is fitting, given his monumental success in powering Vegas’ nightlife. The businessman had a dream to leave his mark on the city, and leave a mark he did.

Izadi cast his lot with high-profile casino and nightclub owners to cut his teeth in the business. Striking an impressive figure in penthouse parties and various celebrity haunts, the entrepreneur has taken the city to staggering new heights.

What Happens in Vegas

Doesn’t stay in Vegas. Not for Arman Izadi at least. He is now the name behind some of the most bankable nightclubs in Sin City, Hollywood and yes, even Macau. The bedrock of his success? Equal parts grit, passion and just pure talent.

Graffiti Mansion

Armani Izadi’s true colors shone through when he transformed his 6,000 sq-ft mansion into a spellbinding work of art in honor of the victims of the 2017 Vegas shooting.

“When the tragedy happened,” Izadi said of the shooting, “I didn’t know what to do. I was staring at my house and I was like, has anyone ever painted a mansion before?”

The video documenting the transformation opened the floodgates for a whole new career. His mansion has since donned numerous intricate graffiti motifs for Christmas, Halloween and in tribute to Fornite!

The Call From Logan Paul

Arman Izadi’s #VegasStrong video caught the attention of over 60 million people; one of them being social media powerhouse, Logan Paul. One call later and Izadi was on his way to paint a custom mural in the older Paul brother’s $6.6 million Encino mansion.

Since then, he has appeared in multiple videos on both brothers’ channels; showing off his dance moves, engaging in on-screen shenanigans, hosting gaming segments, loaning out a pair of luxury gold-trimmed cars for the Pauls’ boxing match in 2018, and so much more.

Hosting the Wedding of the Century

No, we’re not talking about the Royals. Armani Izadi’s most recent feat that put him in the crosshairs of the media; he officiated the wedding of Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau in July 2019. The event saw some of social media’s finest in attendance.

The YouTubers were wed by Izadi in Graffiti Mansion, Tana stunning in a curve-hugging white lace gown and Jake, in true Vegas style, wearing a white Dior suit, with brother Logan occupying his role as best man.

Fans had the option of live streaming the event on Halogen, and this reportedly drew in massive numbers, with upwards of 64,000 people tuning in to watch the festivities unfold.

No Vegas wedding is truly complete without a brawl. At one point, a fight broke out on stage when an attendee doused the couple in champagne. Izadi instinctively leaped into the fray to have the perpetrator subdued.

It was a media firestorm. Izadi became the face of the lavish ceremony and, as ever, handled the press with poise.

What’s Next

Arman Izadi has a colorful portfolio, to say the least. He’s worked with the likes of Chris Brown, created stunning art and brokered deals with the biggest companies in the world. So does the future hold? For now, Izadi enjoys his frenzied lifestyle and is keeping an eye out for the next big adventure.