Michael Lehrke Explains 4 Professional Advantages of Switching from Microsoft to Apple

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Michael Lehrke Michael Lehrke

Technology consultant Michael Lehrke explains four advantages of switching from Microsoft to Apple for business owners.

Business owners face a major decision when setting up their computer systems. They must decide whether they want their business to run on a Mac or PC system. Technology consultant Michael Lehrke discusses four major professional advantages he has seen within his business when switching from a Microsoft system to a Mac one.

“It’s a ‘You get what you pay for,’ situation,” Michael Lehrke says. “Sure, Mac systems are more expensive up front, but they’re built with higher quality materials, are able to endure more, and simply last longer.”

Michael Lehrke explains that most Microsoft products feature a plastic outer case, while Apple features an aluminum one. He states that he was replacing business computers at a drastically more rapid rate when using PCs. However, tech experts explain that there are more advantages to using a Mac system over a PC one for your business.

“When a business has been running on Windows for decades, it can be difficult to make the switch,” Michael Lehrke says. “However, many business owners don’t know that they can run windows on a Mac system.”

The BootCamp program allows users to run Windows on a Mac product. This lets businesses operate with the system they already know on a higher-quality product. Tech consultants like Michael Lehrke state that switching between operating systems is easy and something that simply can’t be done on a PC.

“The number of possible viruses your system can acquire is drastically less when using Mac products,” Michael Lehrke says. “This is a major advantage for business owners, because there is a much smaller threat of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.”

Mac products can get malware and viruses, but the Windows base is drastically larger, making it more susceptible to such threats. Business owners and tech experts like Michael Lehrke also state that when problems do arise, Apple customer service is drastically superior.

“Few companies in the world offer customer service quite like Apple,” Michael Lehrke describes. “AppleCare warranties, Apple repair policies, and general customer support saves businesses valuable time and money.”

Business owners will often have to pay for PC repairs that would be covered by an AppleCare warranty. Similarly, repairs made through Apple are rapid and affordable, if they cost anything at all. Time is money in the business world and business experts like Michael Lehrke describe that the timeliness of Apple customer support is a major asset.

“We used PC systems for decades,” Michael Lehrke says, “My only regret in making the switch is that I wish I had made it sooner.”