Michel Andy Townsend Football Coach Trained Multiple Players Who Have Gone On To The NFL

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Michel Andy Townsend Michel Andy Townsend

Currently self-employed, Michel Andy Townsend has had a lengthy career as a football coach. He has coached football players for fourteen years, and some have even gone on to become players of the NFL.

Michel Andy Townsend Football Coach is well-educated about football and how to train athletes to win.

Michel Andy Townsend has a bachelor’s degree from East Texas Baptist University in Kinesiology. He also earned a Master’s degree from Greenville University in Coaching.

Michel Andy Townsend’s expertise and experience have allowed him to have many titles throughout his football profession.

Some of Michel Andy Townsend’s roles were:

  • Associate Head Coach
  • Director of Football Operations
  • Offensive Line Coach
  • Defensive line Coach
  • Tight Ends Coach

With each new role, Michel learned more coaching skills and about his favorite sport. To many onlookers, Michel Andy Townsend’s football career has been a real “Touchdown.”

Along with having been a football coach, Michel Andy Townsend created the Lone Star Pro Day. It took place at Texas A&M Commerce, and Michel was the host. This is where small schools can send their players to perform in front of NFL Personnel. Including some of Michel Andy Townsend’s players.

Over the years, Michel Andy Townsend Football Coach has seen many of the players he coached go on to the NFL.

Players like:

  • DJ Hayden
  • Ethan Westbrook
  • Dustin Vaughan
  • Craig Watts
  • Luis Perez
  • Michael Onuoha

He has enjoyed watching each of them grow as athletes. Michel Andy Townsend has seen them go from throwing footballs on local fields to playing LIVE on the grounds of the NFL.

On “Sunday Night Football,” Michel is glad whenever he sees one of his players on television playing for an NFL team. It is every coach’s dream.

Michel Andy Townsend Football Coach recognizes his countless hours of coaching have paid off many times over.

As a football coach, Michel Andy Townsend worked hard to build champs, and it shows. His teams have won a few football championships, including:

  • 2015 and 2016 Lone Star Conference Champions
  • 2017 Division II National Champions

Not to mention the eight Honorable Mention All-Conference players.

For years, Michel Andy Townsend Football Coach has devoted his time to his players and teams, and to the game of football. There is nothing else he would rather have been doing then coaching football.

Michel Andy Townsend Football Coach is passionate about coaching and is proud to see many of the athletes he has coached go on to succeed in their football careers.

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