Michelle Bungo Shares 3 Tips for Finding Affordable Health Insurance

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Find good healthcare coverage that fits into your budget using Michelle Bungo’s recommendations.

A good health insurance plan doesn’t necessarily have to come with high premium prices. With so many options, it can be difficult finding the right plan for your budget and needs. Health insurance agent, Michelle Bungo, still recommends looking for the best possible option during each enrollment period. Finding an affordable plan might be easier than you imagined!

Budget & Research 

The first step towards finding an affordable health insurance plan is setting your budget. Michelle Bungo recommends determining how much you currently spend on health insurance annually, including premiums and out of pocket costs. Knowing how much you spend now will make comparing new plans much easier.

Next, decide how many people you intend to have on your health insurance plan and research the going rates for that plan size. Michelle Bungo notes that you will need to pay attention to premium cost, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses. Researching prices and comparing them to your current plan will help you spot a good deal!

Health Insurance Marketplace 

Visit government marketplace websites that are valid in your state. These plans follow guidelines from the Affordable Care Act and provide essential health benefits. Michelle Bungo explains that essential health benefits include maternal care, prescriptions, hospital care, emergency services, physical therapy, and mental health. Some subsidies may still be available for qualifying families.

Michelle Bungo recommends government marketplace services because they are an excellent resource for quickly comparing plans that fall within your budget. You can also check what prescriptions are covered in each policy. It does take some time to fill out the forms and fully enroll, but the process is clear and convenient.

Comparison Websites

Some people prefer to go with private health insurance companies. With this route, Michelle Bungo notes that it is even more important to use plan comparison tools. Not all plans offer essential health benefits, which means there are a large number of plans to sort through. If you read through policies carefully, you may be able to save money by choosing only the prescriptions and services you need.

Michelle Bungo explains that shoppers should also use comparison websites because they can see plans from multiple health insurance companies side by side. Never provide your contact information when shopping for plans. Michelle Bungo recommends using HealthMarkets, HealthCare.com, and GoHealth.

For additional assistance, consider contacting your local health insurance agent.

About Michelle Bungo:

Michelle Bungo is a licensed health insurance agent in Coral Springs, FL, with years of experience working with all major insurance carriers. Physical fitness is important to Michelle Bungo, which is why she works out regularly. You can catch her at the gym every week! When she’s not at the gym or office, Michelle Bungo spends her free time socializing with friends and neighbors or hanging out with her kids. She also has an avid love for music and frequently attends local concerts.