Michigan Business Owner Scott Zach Demonstrates the Importance of National Entrepreneurial Organizations

Scott Zack Michigan x Scott Zack Michigan x

Business owner Scott Zack from Michigan, reflects on the importance of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and other similar initiatives.

Supporting business owners and aspiring owners alike, various organizations exist to assist, encourage, and promote America’s rapidly growing number of entrepreneurs. A successful Michigan business owner and resident, Scott Zack offers a closer look at the work of the Young Presidents’ Organization and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Zack starts by briefly looking back at the Young Presidents’ Organization’s history, today more commonly known as YPO. “The Young Presidents’ Organization, or YPO, was first founded back in 1950; it’s now 70 years in the making,” he reveals.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, meanwhile, Scott Zack Michigan points out, while not dating back as far, is still more than 30 years old. “The Entrepreneurs’ Organization was established in 1987,” he adds, “and, today, boasts thousands of members both in the U.S. and internationally.” In fact, together, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and YPO combined have tens of thousands of members in total, according to the Michigan business owner.

Such organizations, Scott Zack, Michigan resident, said that even years later, remain essential to entrepreneurship and the wider business world, both in the U.S. and overseas. “The simple fact that these organizations exist and facilitate learning between existing and new or aspiring entrepreneurs alike is great for our economy,” suggests Zack, “and other economies around the world where such organizations exist.”

Scott Zack, a Michigan business owner, has seen, first hand, he says, how initiatives such as the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and YPO have instilled excitement, passion, and drive into newer and newer generations of entrepreneurs.

According to Scott Zack, Michigan resident and business owner, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization exists based on integrity and promotes core values that include respect, trust, and a thirst for learning. YPO now has over 25,000 members in more than 130 countries globally. It is built upon a framework of mentorship provided by what they call a network of peer leaders, dedicated to lifelong learning.

“Both organizations, and other entrepreneurial organizations alike, foster environments of trust and respect, first and foremost,” explains Scott Zack, Michigan business owner, “and confidentiality is often a stipulation, particularly between peer leaders and those who they mentor.”

“It’s also about accessing opportunities,” adds the successful Detroit business owner, wrapping up, “and opportunities, I believe, are central to long-term success as an entrepreneur, whatever your field of business.”