Michigan State Student and Athlete Jack Debrabander Describes the Importance of Playing Intramural Sports in College

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Jack Debrabander Jack Debrabander

Michigan State student and athlete Jack Debrabander describes the benefits of playing intramural sports in college.

Intramural sports have been a part of Michigan State University college life for decades. Intramural sports allow students who aren’t eligible for scholarships to play organized sports on campus. Usually, these teams are open to anyone who wants to take part. Michigan State University student and athlete Jack Debrabander recently discussed the major benefits of taking part in intramural sports programs.

Jack Debrabander
Jack Debrabander

“Being a student athlete is known to be stressful, but being able to play organized sports without all of the stress is something intramural programs offer,” Jack Debrabander says.

In fact, Jack Debrabander explains that playing intramural sports can actually relieve stress rather than cause it. College students need time to unwind from stressful exams, projects, papers, and more. Intramural sports run on a set schedule, which means students who take part have a bit of fun marked on their calendars. The friendly competition offers a welcome change of pace from the writing, reading, studying, and class time.

“High school sports and gym classes keep everyone exercising regularly, but when they get to college, they tend to stop exercising so much,” Jack Debrabander says. “Intramural sports offer regular, healthy exercise that’s not dreaded, like going for a run or to the gym may be.”

Jack Debrabander also describes that playing intramural sports is one of the best ways to meet like-minded people. These activities give students opportunities to meet people they probably wouldn’t meet in their classes or dorms. Anyone can join an intramural team, which means athletes enjoy a broader, and often more diverse, social circle.

“One of the best parts of engaging in intramural sports is it’s 100-percent just for fun,” Jack Debrabander says. “Even in high school, sports come with stress associated with playing for a college team, winning the state championship, and more. Intramural sports are entirely just for fun. Nobody thinks you’re going to make a career out of playing flag football, and that’s why it’s so carefree and enjoyable.”

Intramural athletes like Jack Debrabander report lower stress levels, feeling physically healthier, and lasting friendships. Best of all, Jack Debrabander describes that a full season of intramural sports typically costs less than $20. That means its an extremely affordable way to have fun and let loose.

“For less than $20, you can make a lot more friends and have drastically more fun than you would in many other college settings, such as a bar or party,” Jack Debrabander says. “Joining a team is one of the best ways I’ve found to unwind in a positive way.”