Millennial Entrepreneur, John Zimmel’s Advice on Vlogs

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John Zimmel Millennial Entrepreneur John Zimmel Millennial Entrepreneur

John Zimmel is only his twenties, but he already has four major business ventures under his name with more to come as he uses his ingenuity and creativity to create business models that others are taking note of. 


Understanding the complexities of social media, John Zimmel incorporates those platforms into each of his endeavors. This year, he made a commitment to vlog every single day, so far, he’s sticking to that goal. We asked John why vlogging is essential in today’s world.


“Making a vlog is creating an information pipeline that’s enveloped in countless creative outlets. No matter what you’re trying to convey, market, brand, or tell, vlogging gets the attention of crowds of people and lets them in on what’s going on behind the scenes.” 


John Zimmel is also the creator and collaborator of several different YouTube channels. John’s Vlog is uncensored. John Zimmel explains further, “Whatever I say goes. It’s very natural to just be me. Some of the other videos that I create for others are more censored, more family-friendly. Some clients like to have their own channel, where they promote products, but my company is very high-tech, professional and our vlogs are of the highest production and quality.”


John Zimmel went on further to explain how he is reinvesting in his company at this point in his life, making every project, connection and decision with the utmost of care to continue forging ahead and creating really compelling storytelling. He places a large emphasis on the direction of storytelling and says the future of his productions and businesses are well on the way to becoming hugely successful.


John Zimmel’s owns Labyrinth 35x, which is a modern-day communications parent company that manages and operates West 35 Media and Grass-Fed Audio. West 35 Media is a digital content creation agency. They have created websites for some amazing people such as Mark Peynado (Drummer for Parson James), Deoca (DJ in Orlando, FL)and many more! West 35 Media also have helped some leading brands with social media marketing.


John started his professional filmmaking career in 2015. Since then John has worked for some major companies such as General Electric, Guinness Books of World Records and Samsung. John also is an audio engineer. He has worked with artists such as Parson James, Chris Blue, and drum techs for Mark Peynado. John has also taught himself social media marketing strategies. John is always looking at ways to make his companies thrive and loves finding new styles to try out