Mind Revise Consulting Continues Building Dynamic Learning Solutions for Organizations

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Thomas Harford Mind Revise Consulting Continues Building Dynamic Learning Solutions for Organizations Thomas Harford Mind Revise Consulting Continues Building Dynamic Learning Solutions for Organizations

Mind Revise Consulting LLC, led by Thomas Harford, Ph.D., continues to provide learning solutions for organizations by building a dynamic learning culture within. With 25 years of management and teaching experience, Tom Harford applies his knowledge in learning outcomes assessment, academic support and learning initiatives, and academic design and development to help organizations reach their full potential.

Organizations reach out to Tom Harford so he can provide an in-depth strategic direction for the organization’s talent and learning development initiatives. “I am especially passionate about helping new and growing businesses find their learning culture, one that promotes investment in a shared mission, excitement, talent growth, and retention,” said Tom Harford.

Thomas Harford’s strategy is simple and effective. He starts by asking a series of questions about the organization’s current learning culture. The key is to find out how the organization conducts the training of their staff. Are they training them for conventional knowledge acquisition, or do they focus on creativity, growth, and proactive learning?

Tom Harford is also interested in learning how the organization tracks their training strategies and learning outcomes. It’s important to determine if the organization cultivates and rewards a learning mindset.

Once Thomas Harford has fully assessed the organization, he establishes a learning plan based on the organization’s competency-based learning outcomes. The strategies used to achieve them include the use of e-learning platforms, innovative pedagogical approach, and Tom Harford’s personalized curricula.

All of the goals set for the organizations are aligned with their strategy and organizational mission in mind. Mind Revise Consulting also provides businesses with a strategy for partnering with external educational entities.

Mind Revise Consulting also offers academic coaching for learners of all stages and backgrounds. For Thomas Harford, the goal of academic coaching is to equip learners and students with an empowered mindset, direction, and the ability to find solutions. With the help of academic coaching, students can improve their time management, decision making, information retention, test-taking, and reading comprehension skills.

Thomas Harford has an extensive background working in public and private higher education. His focus on academic advising and learning led him to work at Columbia University, City University of New York, and NYU-Polytech. Tom Harford has also dedicated his work to helping students facing learning obstacles, international students, and first-generation students.

His interest in the benefits or narrative practice and strategic storytelling inspired his doctoral studies in English. Thomas Harford’s fascination with research, art, and human learning also led him to work as a professional actor and public speaker.