Mind Revise Consulting, Founded by Thomas Harford, Offers Academic Coaching, Learning Solutions

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Thomas Harford Academic Coaching Thomas Harford Academic Coaching

Academic Advisor Tom Harford Works With Clients to Overcome Challenges, Meet Goals

Thomas Harford
Thomas Harford

Thomas Harford, Ph.D., is putting his 25 years of management and teaching experience to use in his new company, Mind Revise. Mind Revise is a way for Tom Harford to use his many skills in academic writing, learning outcomes assessment, academic support and learning initiatives, academic program design and development, marketing and teaching.

Thomas Harford has worked with clients from every background and level and has comprehensive experience with students facing challenges like ADHD, anxiety, and dyslexia. He brings this knowledge and experience to Mind Revise, which launched in 2018.

One service Mind Revise offers is academic coaching, Tom Harford explained. The goal of this academic coaching is to bring students to an active mindset of empowerment and direction, equipped with the ability to pose solutions to their questions and concerns. Thomas Harford works with the students to find strategies that improve performance in test-taking, time management, decision making, information retention, reading comprehension and more.

Another service offered by Mind Revise is learning solutions for the organization. In his decades of experience, Thomas Harford said he has found that this is key to building a dynamic learning culture.

“I am especially passionate about helping new and growing businesses find their learning culture, one that promotes investment in a shared mission, excitement, talent growth, and retention,” Tom Harford said. Mind Revise clients take an assessment and establish a learning plan and then work with Tom Harford to match your organization’s learning outcomes with the best approach.

Yet another service Mind Revise is proud to offer is public speaking coaching and seminars, something Thomas Harford has plenty of experience with. Prior to his academic career, Thomas Harford worked as a professional actor. He is still interested in performance, public speaking and creativity and enjoys sharing those insights with his clients. Through Mind Revise, Tom Harford offers one-on-one coaching on areas including anxiety reduction, speaking voice enhancement, interview skills, pitches, impromptu speaking and more. Services for organizations are also provided, like on-site corporate seminars and group training.

As witnessed by the testimonials on the Mind Revise website, Tom Harford’s business is already benefiting learners around the country. Thomas Harford said he is grateful for the opportunity to use his skills to work one-on-one with people of all levels, mentoring them and helping them build skills.

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Mind Revise, call (929) 273-3370 or visit mind-revise.com for more information.