Modern Grassroots Advocacy Tools by Craig Schoenfeld

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Craig Schoenfeld Modern Grassroots Advocacy Tools Craig Schoenfeld Modern Grassroots Advocacy Tools

The new technology provides grassroots advocacy leaders, like Craig Schoenfeld, with advanced tools that help campaigns succeed.

Craig Schoenfeld

Grassroots advocacy campaigns are created with the intent to communicate important issues to the public, encouraging people to stir change by contacting their elected officials.

These campaigns rely on citizen-based activism and raise public awareness so that the people who would be impacted most by proposed policies can have an influence on public policy and regulation. 

This, however, is easier said than done, which is why many organizations and non-profits turn to professionals when looking to begin a new campaign.

To get results, professionals use a variety of tools to reach favorable outcomes.

Craig Schoenfeld, president of CR3Connect, explains 4 popular grassroots advocacy tools that are commonly used in campaigns.

Online Software

There are many software options available that allow the leader of a grassroots advocacy campaign to create an online presence and grow a campaign digitally. Craig Schoenfeld notes that software programs, like NationBuilder, have many tools and resources built into one platform which can assist with fundraising, website creation, organizing events, and gathering volunteers. 


Another interesting tool is called canvassing, which helps those out in the field get the best possible results by tracking real-time data. Apps like Ecanvasser allow those on foot to record information from citizens including their name, contact information and even survey questions. Craig Schoenfeld believes that this is a great resource when raising awareness at events or going door to door. 


Getting your message out to a very large population can be tough, especially when trying to manage multiple avenues at once. People can be reached by direct mailers, phone calls, and email, to name a few, by using the right outreach tools. Software such as CallHub and MailChimp can provide easy to track information, scalability, and personalization for your campaign. 


It takes a team to run a campaign, and more often than not, that also requires finding volunteers. Software like CiviCRM offers tools to help sign up volunteers, manage schedules and events, and track data. Craig Schoenfeld believes that with the right volunteers, a campaign can reach new heights. 

About Craig Schoenfeld:

With more than 20 years of experience, Craig R. Schoenfeld has worked as a lobbyist, political strategist, press spokesperson, and campaign operations manager for his clients. He has developed excellent relations with elected officials, business organizations, and activists in the Midwest. 

Craig Schoenfeld is the president of CR3 Connect, one of Iowa’s leading strategic advisory lobby firms. CR3 Connect specializes in designing and implementing strategies that build support, inform the public and public officials, educate and mobilize key constituencies.