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How To Develop a Visual Creative Agency


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Mohsen Khaial

Mohsen Khaial shares advice on building a successful Visual Creative Agency. Agencies are one of the most essential businesses in the entire world. They produce a direct connection between a company which offers a service or product and the consumer or customer who needs them. They are a conduit between production and sales which exist in an assortment of forms that are different to help promote or market something on a massive scale.

Starting up an agency, however, is not always a piece of cake. It is for that reason that Mohsen Khaial, the brain of the Visual Creative Agency’s creative team, has put together a number of practical tips for those looking to start their very own ventures in visual creatives.

Possessing a Business Plan with Mohsen Khaial.

This can be true for every company in the world, and an agency is no different. Before you begin you want a foundation. Mohsen Khaial says “You’ll need a plan which will outline what you’re promoting, who your target audience is, your projections for the coming months and/or years, and also you are going to turn your thoughts and perspiration in pure profit!”

Build a portfolio, because work attracts work. By creating a portfolio of work and campaigns that you have finished, you will have an ever-growing body of work to show to your next potential customer. This can be a snowball effect which will continue to grow. Showcase your work as it becomes more impressive as your client base grows greater.

Additionally, it is fine to start small. Mohsen Khaial, for instance, started on small jobs before going on to make productions for names like Fetty Wap, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and NAS. Create strong relationships.

Advertising online and building a client foundation that way is all good and well, but for intriguing and long lasting work, it is required to build relationships with your clientele.

In conclusion, you will be working quite closely with them as you deploy their campaigns. In addition to of course producing their content. Hence the better aligned your connections are, the more successful the results will be. Mohsen Khaial knows this all too well, which explains why he’s long-standing relationships with customers like Apple Music and Beats1 Radio. Visit Khaial’s website here.


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