Nathan Heddleston: Running Keeps Life Worth Living

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Nathan Heddleston Nathan Heddleston

ALLIANCE, OHIO, USA, April 30, 2020 / — Nathan Heddleston has seen many people struggle to stay happy and healthy in an increasingly complicated world. But in his role as Nathan Heddleston teacher to many individuals, Heddleston has found that running provides an incredible array of benefits that make life worth living.

Nathan Heddleston Teacher Uses Running to Stay Fit

As we age, Heddleston says, it is very easy to start to gain weight. Most people stop exercising and let themselves go in a way that can be very problematic. But in his role as Nathan Heddleston teacher he has found that encouraging people to run helps them stay in great shape. Heddleston has used running to fight off the battle of the bulge and to keep as fit as possible late into life.

Just as importantly, Heddleston has found that running helps to keep the body fit in ways that other exercises cannot. For example, he states that running keeps his cardiovascular health secure and balances his cholesterol, blood pressure, and much more. However, he also says that people need to work up to “running” with walking and jogging to avoid hurting themselves by straining their bodies too much.

Running May Help Make New Connections

In his role as Nathan Heddleston teacher, has found that running is a great way to connect with others. Simply put, runners often stick together because so few people are willing to perform this type of exercise. And making new connections is something that he emphasizes in his role as Nathan Heddleston teacher. Humans are social creatures, he says, who need individual bonds.

And people find them in many ways – religion, politics, work, and hobbies all help bring people together. And in his role as Nathan Heddleston teacher, he has found that running helps connect people who may not otherwise get along. For example, he has found that people on the opposite sides of the political spectrum may run together and create friendships that last for years.

Running Enhances a Person’s Well Being

When working Nathan Heddleston has found that running has helped many of his students and compatriots fight for many symptoms of depression and anxiety. While Heddleston understands that medical and psychological treatment is essential for these emotional troubles, he also knows that running can help many people heal by activating endorphin chemicals. This situation, known as “the runner high,” is something that he says he achieves every time he goes for a run. These feelings are critical to his role as Nathan Heddleston teacher because they help his students calm their minds, relax their nerves, and feel better about life. Just as importantly, running takes people outside and into a more natural environment. And in his role as Nathan Heddleston teacher, he suggests running on a wooded trail, if possible, to enhance this benefit even further.