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One of the United States’ most significant cultural and economic hubs, New York City is world-famous as a dreamers’ destination. One of the most appealing things about The Big Apple is its historical position as the gateway to the land of opportunity. It’s here in the City That Never Sleeps that American dreams are made, whether it’s immigrant families landing at Ellis Island in search of a new life, or budding actors chasing Broadway stardom. But as most NYC business owners know, that which makes the city dynamic can also make it difficult to thrive in. With boundless opportunity and a booming populace comes fierce competition. That’s why NYC businesses can’t afford to overlook any detail, whether they’re starting a venture from the ground up or breathing new life into an existing one. National Floors Direct provides the ideal balance of affordability and quality New York City business owners and residents need to stand out above the crowd.

National Floors Direct is a direct-to-consumer specialty flooring provider headquartered in Astoria, NY. Its founders are flooring industry veterans, previously having owned and operated several shops in the greater New York area. As native New Yorkers, they have always been well in tune with the city’s residential and commercial needs. They recognized a demand for more reasonably-priced high-quality flooring options and, in 2005, set out to give the people what they wanted.National Floors Direct Reviews

An innovative, customer-first concept, National Floors Direct cuts out the middle man and connects consumers directly with some of the world’s biggest name-brand flooring manufacturers. In addition to their extensive catalog of high-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products, the company offers the lowest prices in the industry by 15 percent or more, as well as white-glove service. By “bringing the store to your door,” the National Floors Direct team provides business owners with an opportunity to see how samples will look in their space with its lighting, decor, and layout. The National Floors Direct crew also provides accurate, on-the-spot estimates, saving busy business people valuable time.

As the owners put it, they offer “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.”

National Floors Direct has thus far been involved in a number of significant New York City projects, including the revitalization of the Canal Street Market and Historic Pier A Harbor House, as well as construction for Fresh & Co. and developer HCRE.

With a service region encompassing much of the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, and a slew of five-star reviews, National Floors Direct is known throughout the East Coast for their white-glove service and fantastic selection.

National Floors Direct’s reviews,, are a testament to their exceptional offerings. Visit the company’s new website,, to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate.