Natural Cycles Celebrates Ties to Don’t Ban Equality

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Natural Cycles Celebrates Ties to Dont Ban Equality Natural Cycles Celebrates Ties to Dont Ban Equality

Team behind Natural Cycles app celebrates being a part of Don’t Ban Equality, representing companies standing up for reproductive rights.

Promoting equality in the workplace, this is, according to Don’t Ban Equality, one of the most important business issues of our time. Alongside companies including MAC Cosmetics, H&M, Refinery29, Ben & Jerry’s, and Backstage Capital, Natural Cycles, responsible for the pioneering Natural Cycles birth control application, is, the firm says, immensely proud to also promote the campaign’s message. Elina Berglund, CEO and co-founder of Natural Cycles, reveals more.

“According to Don’t Ban Equality, when everyone is empowered to succeed, companies, communities, and economies are better for it,” explains Berglund, “something which we also promote at Natural Cycles.”

Don’t Ban Equality believes that restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care threatens the health, independence, and economic stability of the planet.

“It impairs the ability to build diverse and inclusive workforces, recruit top talent, and protect the well-being of the people who keep successful businesses thriving,” points out Natural Cycles CTO Berglund. “As such, we’re proud to continue to celebrate our ties to Don’t Ban Equality’s ongoing campaign for reproductive rights,” she adds.

Don’t Ban Equality currently represents a total of more than 129,000 workers. Alongside Natural Cycles, other firms with ties to Don’t Ban Equality include The Body Shop, Quintessentially, Bloomberg, Tinder, Slack Technologies, Postmates, Atlantic Records & Warner Music Group, GoFundMe, Reddit, and Birchbox.

Natural Cycles, under Elina Berglund and fellow co-founder Raoul Scherwitzl, is responsible for the pioneering Natural Cycles app, the intelligent contraceptive application which identifies a user’s fertility from their body temperature.

The Natural Cycles application, the company claims, allows individuals to take contraception into their own hands. The contraceptive app is proven to be 93 percent effective with typical use, and 98 percent effective with perfect use, according to peer-reviewed clinical studies.

In August 2018, the company was cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and, since then, the Natural Cycles team has been heavily focused on growing the application’s user base in the United States.

“Our mission is to pioneer women’s health by providing every woman with the knowledge she needs to be in charge of her well-being,” explains Berglund.

Natural Cycles’ team, she goes on to reveal, consists of individuals from more than 25 different nationalities, working in five countries on two continents. According to Berglund, Natural Cycles’ staff currently comprises an overall gender split of 30/70 with the company’s technology-focused R&D department boasting a female majority.

“Further to promoting Don’t Ban Equality’s message, what we all have in common at Natural Cycles,” she adds, wrapping up, “is our passion for the product, our fighting spirit, and our love for fun.”

Natural Cycles was founded by Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl, a couple who, at the time, were seeking an effective method of birth control which was non-invasive and hormone-free. Today, Natural Cycles is responsible for the first and only birth control application available for download in the United States and Europe, making the Natural Cycles app a pioneering piece of technology in the burgeoning digital contraceptive landscape.

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