Natural Cycles Highlights the Importance of Contraceptive Choice

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Natural Cycles’ co-founder explains why birth control choice is so important, and why Natural Cycles wants to lead the digital health revolution.

Every woman is different, and with no ‘one size fits all’ answer to birth control, Natural Cycles is on a mission to revolutionize the current contraceptive landscape.Co-founder of the company and responsible for the Natural Cycles app, CEO Elina Berglund explains why she believes that contraceptive choice is so important.

“There truly is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to birth control,” explains Berglund, “because every woman is different, with different needs and priorities that can change over the course of her reproductive life.”

For those seeking effective, non-hormonal, and non-invasive birth control, there are very few options available. “Natural Cycles, however,” Berglund says, “may offer a new choice to meet their needs.” Berglund

According to Natural Cycles, research has demonstrated that women who opt for a method of birth control which doesn’t align with their ideal personal preferences may be less likely to use it properly, or to stick with using it at all. “This, of course,” says Berglund, “may increase her risk of an unintended or unplanned pregnancy.”

“That’s why,” adds the Natural Cycles co-founder, “contraceptive choice is so, so important.”

So, what is Natural Cycles? “Natural Cycles is an effective, entirely natural method of birth control, conveniently delivered in the form of a smartphone app,” Berglund explains.

The Natural Cycles app, which was developed by Berglund, a former member of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, uses, she says, a smart algorithm that is sensitive to subtle patterns in a woman’s individual menstrual cycle to determine her daily fertility. “This,” adds the former CERN physicist turned app developer and entrepreneur, “is based on basal body temperature, as well as her period data.”

“Often I’m asked, ‘Is Natural Cycles effective?'” Berglund goes on. She then points to one of the most extensive clinical studies of its kind, which included 22,785 women through 224,563 menstrual cycles across two years.

“According to the peer-reviewed clinical study, the Natural Cycles app was proven to be 93 percent effective with typical use,” adds Berglund, wrapping up, “and 98 percent effective with perfect use, well ahead of other less effective methods of traditional contraception.”

Natural Cycles was founded by Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl, a couple who, at the time, were seeking an effective method of birth control which was non-invasive and hormone-free. Today, Natural Cycles is responsible for the first and only birth control application available for download in the United States and Europe, making the Natural Cycles app a groundbreaking piece of technology in the burgeoning digital contraceptive landscape.

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