Natural Cycles Reviews Are in and Users Praise the First and Only FDA Cleared Birth Control App

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Natural Cycles Reviews Natural Cycles Reviews

Natural Cycles users praise the the app for its efficacy, accuracy, ease of use, and more as Google Play Store reviews approach 13,000.

The Natural Cycles app is the first-ever FDA-cleared and EU-certified contraceptive app and has received almost 13,000 Google Play Store reviews. A handful of all-new five-star reviews from Natural Cycles users, including Phaedra, Hosanna, Marie, and Ella, have most recently praised the Natural Cycles app for its efficacy, accuracy, ease of use, and more.

“Thank you so much for this groundbreaking app! I’ve been using it for a few months now and don’t plan on going back,” says Natural Cycles app user Phaedra in a five-star review posted to Google Play earlier in December 2019. “I love knowing everything about my cycle,” she adds.

“The recent addition for tracking and decoding cervical mucus is awesome; it was always such a mystery to me until now!” Phaedra continues. “I’m a happier girl now that I’m off the hormonal pill,” adds the delighted Natural Cycles app user, “and I feel in control now that I can work with my cycle. Thank you so much!”

Natural Cycles app user Hosanna, meanwhile, begins her own five-star Natural Cycles review by explaining how she never expected to enjoy keeping track of her monthly cycle. “I never thought I’d enjoy keeping track of my monthly cycle,” explains Hosanna, “but here I am, and holy cow, it’s amazing being so in tune with my body, and understanding what it’s going through.”

“This app is incredible,” she adds, “10/10, would recommend.”

A third recent Natural Cycles app review posted late in December by Marie echoes Hosanna’s love for the Natural Cycles app. “I’ve been using this app for over two years as I don’t want to use hormonal contraception anymore,” explains Marie. “We use condoms on red days and no contraception on green days,” Marie continues. “So easy!” she adds, wrapping up her five-star Natural Cycles app review.

Many of the same sentiments are shared by Natural Cycles app users across thousands of more than 12,000 reviews posted to Google Play.

“Super easy to use, and tracks my cycles extremely accurately,” suggests Natural Cycles user Ella. “I rely on this app and trust it 100 percent,” she reveals, recently rating the Natural Cycles app five-out-of-five on the Google Play Store.

A fifth recent review posted last week by an anonymous Natural Cycles user praises the Natural Cycles app further for adding a cervical fluid tracker. “It’s been 30 days since I had my IUD removed and started tracking my temperature with the help of this app,” she explains. “It’s a super convenient and pretty app,” continues the anonymous Natural Cycles app user. “Thanks, too,” she adds, wrapping up her review, “for adding cervical fluid to the tracker!”

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