Natural Cycles Reviews Continue to Demonstrate Efficacy for the App’s Pregnancy Planning Mode

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As users approach 1 million and reviews for the Natural Cycles app top 30,000 across Apple and Android devices, new feedback praises the natural birth control app’s ‘plan’ mode.

While Natural Cycles is perhaps best known as a contraceptive solution designed to prevent pregnancy, the intelligent, non-hormonal birth control app-which learns users’ unique menstrual cycles-can also be used to successfully plan a pregnancy. When users are ready to start a family, Natural Cycles‘ ‘Plan a Pregnancy’ mode is on hand to make switching from preventing to planning easy. Four Natural Cycles app users share their experiences with Plan a Pregnancy.

“After using the app for around 18 months, we decided to switch to ‘plan pregnancy,'” explains Natural Cycles app user Gina. “My boyfriend was still slightly skeptical,” she adds, “but after switching the app from ‘prevent’ to ‘plan,’ we conceived on the first attempt.”

“I believe this was down to knowing my fertile periods,” Gina continues, “but also my body wasn’t clogged with artificial chemicals, and this was thanks to Natural Cycles.”

“I’ve been using Natural Cycles for seven months,” reveals another user. “It was completely accurate in predicting my periods and alerting me as to when I was most or least fertile.”

They continue, “When I switched to ‘plan’ mode, as I was ready to fall pregnant, I followed the recommendations about my peak fertility and fell pregnant straight away.”

Natural Cycles app user Polly, meanwhile, explains how she was on the contraceptive pill for 15 years before deciding to use Natural Cycles to plan a pregnancy. “I’d been on the pill for 15 years and was told by my GP that it would take a couple of years for everything to settle down so I could get pregnant,” says Polly. “That didn’t happen, however,” she reveals, “and six weeks later, after using the Natural Cycles app, I was pregnant with my little girl who was born in March.”

Natural Cycles made figuring out fertile days so much easier,” says Polly. “Highly recommended!” adds the delighted Natural Cycles app user.

A final user testimonial collected by Natural Cycles from Natural Cycles app user Sammi, from Arvada, Colorado, praises the app for allowing her to know her body better than ever before, and giving her relief knowing things about her cycle which she didn’t know previously.

“Natural Cycles has become such a positive part of my life,” she also adds, wrapping up her testimonial, “and I’ll continue to use Natural Cycles to help with pregnancy as well, when the time comes too!”

Natural Cycles works by analyzing basal body temperature – users’ lowest resting body temperatures, which can be measured first thing in the morning with a basal thermometer. Due to a rise in basal body temperature after ovulation, the app’s algorithm is able to detect the fertile window and can tell users when they’re at peak fertility.

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