Natural Cycles Reviews Demonstrate Users’ Love for the Pioneering Birth Control Application

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From pregnancy prevention to successful planning, thousands of users continue to praise Natural Cycles as App Store reviews for the birth control application approach six thousand

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2019 / From ‘best idea ever’ and ‘great app’ to ‘life-changing,’ ‘amazing,’ and much more, user reviews for Natural Cycles continue to flood in from around the world. Proven to be 93 percent effective with typical use and 98 percent effective with perfect use according to peer-reviewed clinical studies, and fully approved by the FDA since 2018, the pioneering Natural Cycles application now enjoys an average rating of 4.7/5 based on almost 6,000 App Store reviews.

“Fully recommend the app!” says Natural Cycles user Nel in her review of the application, in which she explains how her previous hormonal contraception had caused her to become angry and to gain weight, following which she decided to quit taking the pill forever. Now a long-term user of Natural Cycles, Nel has used the app both for pregnancy prevention and for planning. “I used the app for half a year to prevent pregnancy, and then to become pregnant,” she explains, “and we managed to conceive on the first attempt!”

“The verdict? Amazing!” adds a delighted Nel in her 5-star Natural Cycles review.

“Take the power back,” begins another 5-star Natural Cycles review from app user Snow, who goes on to reveal how she’s recommended the digital app to friends and family following her own positive experience with Natural Cycles. “If you don’t need to take hormonal birth control and don’t want to, this is definitely worth trying,” she suggests of the app. “I love it,” Snow adds, wrapping up her Natural Cycles review.

Another 5-star review from Natural Cycles user Mrs. Fox praises the application for its natural, hormone-free approach. “I’m loving it,” she explains, “and my husband-to-be is equally interested [in the Natural Cycles app].”

“Go get it!” suggests a delighted Mrs. Fox, concluding her own highly insightful Natural Cycles review.

A user for more than a year, another Natural Cycles review from Megan praises the birth control app for helping her to understand her cycle. “I feel comforted by this,” she explains, “and more in tune with my body.”

Countless further 5-star reviews go on to call Natural Cycles, among other things, ‘the best idea ever,’ ‘a great app,’ ‘life-changing,’ ‘amazing,’ and more.

“Natural Cycles has changed my whole view on birth control. After years of issues with hormone-based products, natural cycles has helped me understand my body and get back to feeling more connected with myself and my partner. I adore this app not just for how it works but also all the helpful messages and reminders along the day.,” adds a final straight-to-business 5-star review from a further anonymous Natural Cycles user.

Praising the app for its simplicity and modern approach to contraception, they end their Natural Cycles review on a simple point: “I can’t recommend this app enough!”

Natural Cycles was founded by Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl, a couple who, at the time, were seeking an effective method of birth control which was non-invasive and hormone-free. Today, Natural Cycles is responsible for the first and only birth control application available for download in the United States and Europe, making the Natural Cycles app a pioneering piece of technology in the burgeoning digital contraceptive landscape.

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