NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Helps Patients Recover from Homicidal and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors

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NeuroPsychiatric Hospital NeuroPsychiatric Hospital

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital (NPH), is a premier psychiatric medical center providing care for patients with complex medical, behavioral and neuropsychiatric issues. They are dedicated to treating their patients, especially those with homicidal or suicidal behaviors.

“More than half of our patients suffer from homicidal or suicidal behavior,” said NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Founder and Chairman, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana. “We take great care to treat our patients and provide them the understanding and psychological care that they need to function in their lives on a daily basis. Our patients often have very dangerous thoughts and actions due to psychiatric conditions.”

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals are a system of hospitals that specialize in the treatment of patients who have serious acute psychiatric events and comorbid medical and/or neurological disorders. NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals are the intersection of psychiatry and internal medicine and have been serving patients who have not been treated traditional acute care hopspitals nor behavioral health hospitals due to their complex medical and psychiatric disorders. Kashif Janjua, MD is the Chief Medical Officer and stated “our patients are typically excluded from other hospitals due to their complex medical and psychiatric symptoms.”NeuroPsychiatric Hospital 3

One example of a NeuroPsychiatric Hospital patient would be a patient who is acutely psychotic and has attempted to harm himself or others; and, also has an infectious disease such as AIDS. Another patient could be a young autistic patient who also suffers from extreme mood swings and violent outbursts and frequently visits the local Emergency Room for the violent bheavior. These diseases are not isolated to any class of individuals and equally destroy the lives of any societal group of patients and families.

NPH Founder and Chairman, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana, founded NPH in 2006. Dr. Cameron Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in psychology and a post-doctoral fellowship in geropsychology with a sub-specialty focus in geriatric neuropsychology. Prior to founding NPH, Dr. Cameron Gilbert held CEO roles in hospitals in Indiana and Louisiana.

“Mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression can go hand-in-hand with suicidal thoughts in extreme cases,” said Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana. “Couple these conditions with health issues such as AIDs, autism, dementia, renal failure and any other disease and you’ll find many patients feel hopeless and deeply affected. At NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals, we work with patients one-on-one, giving them the attention they deserve by physicians, nurses, behavioral therapists, physical therapists and other experts. We strive to not only give them treatment but hope that they can live happy, positive lives and free of harmful behaviors to self and others.”

About NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals
NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals specializes in providing care for patients with complex medical, behavioral and neuropsychiatric issues. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana, NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals utilizes an integrated healthcare model at each of its hospitals. Interdisciplinary teams consisting of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals ensure that all patient conditions are addressed to “better heal the body and the mind.” NPH currently operates hospitals in the Midwest and has announced the opening of new hospitals in Arizona and Texas. For more information, visit