NeuroPsychiatric Hospital’s Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana Discusses Mental Health Parity Laws

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Premier neuropsychiatric medical center, NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals (NPH), helps patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders


NeuroPsychiatric Hospital (NPH), is a premier neurological medical center providing care for patients with complex medical, behavioral and neuropsychiatric issues. NPH Founder and Chairman, Dr. Cameron Gilbert, founded NPH in 200. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana holds a Ph.D. in psychology and a post-doctoral fellowship in geropsychology with a sub-specialty focus in geriatric neuropsychology. Prior to founding NPH, Dr. Cameron Gilbert held CEO roles in hospitals in Indiana and Louisiana.

“Mental health parity requires equal treatment of mental health conditions and substance use disorders in insurance policies,” said NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals Founder and Chairman, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana. “When your insurance plan has parity, it means that if you are provided unlimited doctor visits for a chronic condition, like diabetes, then they must also offer you unlimited visits for a mental health condition, such as schizophrenia, bipolar, or depression.”

The Mental Health Parity Act can have its drawbacks, however. This is because the Act requires plans with parity to have equal coverage, not necessarily good coverage.NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Cameron Gilbert

“Depending on the health plan, mental health coverage can be very good, or very, very limited,” said Founder and Chairman of NPH, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana. “Some states have stronger parity requirements, which insurers are required to follow.” “The United State’s mental health crisis will continue with deadly outcomes for patients and society until insurance companies are forced to provide real benefits for citizens with acute psychiatric needs. Many of the Medicare Advantage plans and commercial plans are recording millions of dollars in record profits by not providing care or by a bait and switch of denying care through manipulation of patients treated through artificial utilization review”.

A plan that is in compliance with the federal parity law equally covers benefits and services in relation to your medical insurance plan. This includes emergency care, intensive outpatient services, reimbursement fees, prescription drugs, deductible, out-of-pocket limits, co-pays, partial hospitalization, residential treatment, and more.

“Even though the Act has been in law since 2008, some insurance plans are still found in violation of the law,” said Founder and Chairman of NPH, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana. “Be sure to review your health plan carefully and notify your insurer right away.

“Patients may also file a written formal appeal and once they suspect the Medicare Advantage or commercial insurer is manipulating the benefit by utilization review denials or even retroactive denials, they should immediately contact their attorney general, state law enforcement or the department of justice” continued Founder and Chairman of NPH, Dr. Gilbert.

Signs that a health plan may be violating the parity requirements include, higher costs associated with mental health compared to other kinds of healthcare; being required to call and get permission to get mental health care covered compared to other types of care; getting denied mental health care coverage due to not being “medically necessary”; lack of in-network mental health providers taking new patients; not covering residential mental health or intensive outpatient care when other health conditions are covered.

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NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals specializes in providing care for patients with complex medical, behavioral and neuropsychiatric issues. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana, NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals utilizes an integrated healthcare model at each of its hospitals. Interdisciplinary teams consisting of physicians, nurses, behavioral therapists, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals ensure that all patient conditions are addressed to “better heal the body and the mind.” NPH currently operates hospitals in the Midwest and has announced the opening of new facilities in Arizona and Texas over the few months. For more information, visit