New Year Resolutions with a Cellfina & CoolSculpting Treatments

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New Year Resolutions with a Cellfina CoolSculpting Treatments New Year Resolutions with a Cellfina CoolSculpting Treatments

Mark Pinsky Helps Clients Achieve New Year Resolutions with a Cellfina and CoolSculpting Treatment Package Promotion


Mark Pinsky – New Year Resolutions

To help patients achieve their New Year resolutions, his office is offering solutions with CoolSculpting and Cellfina treatment packages.


Renowned plastic surgeon Mark A. Pinsky lectures around the world to acquaint audiences with new procedures and to hold essential discussions on the evolving future of beauty. But back in the Pinsky Plastic Surgery office in the Palm Beach area, he provides a range of revolutionary skin renewal, body sculpting, and anti-aging procedures.


His treatments provide patients head-to-toe transformative potential––depending on their individual needs or desires. In this way, Dr. Mark Pinsky is able to offer only the most effective and bespoke treatments to meet and exceed patient expectations.


Mark Pinsky Is Known Around the World for His Lectures and Publications on Plastic Surgery and the Evolving Aesthetics Market.

To help his patients achieve their New Year resolutions of looking great in the body they feel best in, Dr. Mark Pinsky offers specialized packages of in-office procedures to achieve the best end result. Currently, he’s offering all patients who purchase a Cellfina Cellulite Solution Package a free cycle of the revolutionary CoolSculpting treatment. In addition, he’s giving 19% off every other CoolSculpting cycle (if that’s the preferred treatment plan). Otherwise, patients can purchase 9 CoolSculpting cycles and receive $1,000 off a Cellfina Cellulite Solution Package.


For those who don’t know, Cellfina and CoolSculpting are two of the most popular non-invasive weight loss and body-shaping tools available on the market today.




FDA-cleared Cellfina treatments effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite along the surface of the skin by treating the structural cause underneath. Cellfina is non-surgical––it doesn’t require scalpel, stitches, or excessive recovery––and it works by targeting the fibrous bands of connective tissue that cause dimpling and unwanted texturing of the skin. By helping to ease the tension of these bands, the skin is able to lay more evenly, which in turn creates a smoother look and feel.




CoolSculpting treatments similarly don’t require any invasive process to achieve results. Instead, the breakthrough technology relies on “cold” therapy, known to the scientific community as cryolipolysis, to eliminate fat. It works by exposing sensitive fat cells to extreme temperatures from a topical device, which immediately begins to crystallize and freeze off the fat cells to be moved from the body with the rest of the natural waist. The procedure isn’t uncomfortable as most clients would expect because skin cells are less susceptible to temperature than fat cells. And when CoolSculpting devices feel skin reaching an uncomfortably cold level, they automatically shut off, preventing any discomfort or harm.


Tailored Treatments at Pinsky Plastic Surgery


Dr. Mark Pinsky’s dedication to client satisfaction, his impressive board certifications, and his world-renowned expertise set him far apart from the competition. At his Palm Beach area office, clients can ensure to receive customized bundled treatments to achieve body transformation goals at a more affordable price for the new year and the new you.