New York Campaign Disclosure Law Explained by Attorney Nicholas Hicks

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Attorney Nicholas W Hicks Attorney Nicholas W Hicks

A new law is approved in New York that will shed some light on political spending, attorney Nicholas Hicks explains. 

A new measure was recently approved by Governor Andrew Cuomo, which will significantly impact political campaigns in New York during upcoming elections. The action will require a “paid for by” disclaimer on all print, digital, display, and auditory ads. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that campaign committees and candidates can no longer hide where their funds are coming from, which is a huge victory for New York voters. 

Although this measure is new, it aligns well with other campaign advertising disclosure rules by the federal government. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that this measure also helps end the issue of anonymous mailings during political campaign seasons. Voters deserve to know where the information is coming from so they can make more accurate decisions at the polls. 

Another significant concern in upcoming elections is the use of Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, to spread false political information to the masses. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that the new measure builds on a 2018 law that cracks down on digital communication regulations by independent expenditure groups. Governor Andrew Cuomo sees the new legislation as an opportunity to further expand on counteracting all the anonymous political spending in New York races so that more people can be better informed. 

The new legislation was sponsored by Senator James Skoufis and Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski. Both politicians are Democrats representing the Hudson Valley districts. 

“Voters deserve full transparency when it comes to political communications – and now, finally, they’ll get it,” said Skoufis, who has been targeted by anonymous political ads in the past. 

“As someone who was previously targeted by anonymous campaign mailers and robocalls, I know first-hand the confusion caused by these deceptive practices, especially when messages come from seemingly legitimate sources with no ‘paid for by’ disclaimer,” said Skoufis. “We all have a right to vote in honest and fair elections, and this new law is a significant step forward.” 

Attorney Nicholas Hicks believes that the new measure will help to bring clarity to companies and private parties that are genuinely supporting candidates. By bringing these previously unknown supporters to light, voters can get a better look at any possible hidden agendas. 

About Attorney Nicholas Hicks: 

Starting from an early age, Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School.