New York Ophthalmologist Dr. Mark Fleckner Provides Details About A Vitrectomy

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New York Ophthalmologist Dr Mark Fleckner Provides Details About A Vitrectomy New York Ophthalmologist Dr Mark Fleckner Provides Details About A Vitrectomy

Eyes are more than windows to the soul, they are a valuable sensory organ that needs ongoing care to remain healthy. 

Board-certified Ophthalmologist Dr. Mark Fleckner specializes in treating diseases that affect the retina. He is well versed in performing a vitrectomy and provides in-depth details about it.

“A vitrectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the fluid, known as vitreous from inside the eye(s),” says Dr. Mark Fleckner.

Many patients wonder if this type of surgery is dangerous. Dr. Fleckner explains what vitrectomy surgery involves to ease the minds of patients. 

He says, “Vitrectomy surgery is often successful, and it is usually done as part of other eye surgeries.”

The success rate for vitrectomy is around 90 percent. That number includes those over the age of sixty, so the odds are good.

Vitrectomy is an effective procedure, but its success does depend on the amount of damage to the eye. Risks increase if the damage to your eye or retina is significant.

One possible complication of a vitrectomy includes retinal tearing/detaching.

The purpose of this eye surgery is to treat an infected or inflamed vitreous. The procedure takes care of eyes filled with blood or bits of tissue known as floaters.

Vitrectomy is performed by an Ophthalmologist. This procedure treats conditions that affect the retina or the inside of your eyes.

  • Bleeding inside your eye
  • Eye infections
  • Cataract
  • Wrinkles, tears, or injuries in the retina
  • Detached retina
  • Major trauma or damage to your eye
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Macular hole

Dr. Mark Fleckner strives to ensure all patients are well-informed before eye surgery. He wants them to make knowledgeable decisions about their treatment for eye problems.

Dr. Mark Fleckner explains, “It is important not to ignore long-term eye irritation or changes in vision.” 

He says, “Contact your local eye care professional as soon as symptoms occur. Whether you have an eye infection or injury, let your doctor know what you are experiencing. The sooner, the better.”

The longer you wait, the bigger the eye issue will become. It also raises the chances of surgery complications, which you do not want to happen. Stay on top of your eye care routine, and have regular checkups to try and avoid surgeries like a vitrectomy.

You need to put your trust in an eye care professional. This is how you can safeguard your valuable sense of sight and maintain a lifetime of healthy vision. To learn more about Dr. Mark Fleckner, visit