Nicholas Corso: Tips For Staying Focused On The Job

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Nicholas Corso Algonquin Nicholas Corso Algonquin

With a career that spans two decades in law enforcement, Nicholas Corso, from Algonquin has seen it all. Beginning his career with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice as well as a background in law enforcement, management, security, criminal investigations, and data entry, it was only natural that Nicholas Corso would graduate as one of the top police officers in the Algonquian village in Illinois. As a result of his higher position, Nicholas Corso, Algonquin would have to spend his entire career balancing the stress that comes along with criminal cases as well as the adjacent dealings that come as a result of higher-profile cases. Nicholas Corso’s dealings with police supervisors, judges, attorneys, jurors, and the media are varied and, one would think, would be extremely cumbersome to manage.

“Sure its been tough but that’s just part of the job,” Nicholas Corso says. “You have to take it as part of what you do.” When he first started the job, Nicholas Corso, from Algonquin never thought he would be doing what he is doing today. “I was trained for on-duty matters. But the real training comes from the job. They don’t teach you how to speak to journalists in the academy,” Nicholas Corso says with a smile. “I was flustered initially but then I figured out the system to success.” This “system” is what Nicholas Corso credits as to how he has been able to stay sane in a job that would make the normal person go crazy. “One of the first things I would say is that you should look at the extraneous stuff the same way you manage your policing duties,” Nicholas Corso explains. This perspective is no surprise as Nicholas Corso, Algonquin has now become one of the most well-respected officers in the Algonquian Village area. “It is a lifestyle that you have to be able to take control of. At the end of the day, you are the one making decisions and what you decide is how your career will end up looking like.” Nicholas Corso reflects. “I can’t say that I’ve done everything perfectly, who can? But, what I can say is that I have done it according to a code that has helped guide me throughout my career.” This code of ethics has helped him maintain a core level of sanity in a job that often can make many a bit uncomfortable.

“Sure you have to deal with victims and witnesses saying things you’d never wish on your worst enemy,” Nicholas Corso reminds us. “But again, you have to remember that is part of the job and your duty is to serve and protect and that is what the important part about all of this is.”

When it comes down to protecting and serving his constituents, Nicholas Corso, from Algonquin takes his job incredibly seriously. He is confident he will serve and protect at the highest of levels in the future.