Nick Herle Of Heli Aviation Florida LLC Developed An Innovative Aerial-Saw To Keep Communities Power Lines Safe

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Nick Herle Nick Herle

The founder of Heli Aviation Florida LLC, Nick Herle, surprised several utility companies. Their shock came after he approached them with an innovative idea.

The utility companies response was, “You want to do what with a helicopter?!”

What Nick Herle was proposing was to create the “Helisaw.” He wanted to connect with these companies to do something good for communities.

This is not the first time Nick’s actions have been driven to try and better the lives of all people.

At the age of 16, Nick Herle founded his first company. He specialized in mobile radio services for airports, planes, and public authorities. His goal was to develop affordable and professional radio communication for everyone. No matter their financial status.

His passion for radio communication led him to learn about the helicopter industry. Nick Herle’s dedication is to use aviation to help others.

Nick wants to help clean up neighborhoods. This is how he came up with the idea for Helisaws. He wants to provide aerial helicopter support to those in need. Clearing of power lines from surrounding trees and other vegetation.

He once dreamed of making radio communication accessible to all. His motivation then remains. Nick believes social and economic status should not exclude individuals from receiving aid.

Nick Herle always aspires to use his helicopters to help disadvantaged neighborhoods. He feels all places should be safe.

By offering his helicopter services, he hopes he can use his innovative and patented “Helisaw” to create a real difference.

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