Nick Stroboulis Explains the Different Types of Bail Bonds

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Nick Stroboulis Nick Stroboulis

Greek-born businessman Nick Stroboulis has owned many businesses over the years. One of his many companies included the ownership of Main Street Bail Bonds. For those that don’t know about the different types of bail bonds, Nick Stroboulis offers an overview of the most common types of Bail bonds.

Cash Bail Bonds

According to Nick Stroboulis, cash bail bonds are pretty straight forward. It merely means that the bail has to be paid in cash. As long as the individuals have access to the money, they can pay the bail. However, for more severe crimes, the courts do not allow cash bonds. Not to mention, more severe crimes require higher bail amounts that would be impossible to pay in cash.

Surety Bond

When the court sets bail for an individual and the person cannot afford it, they might have to work with a bail bond agent to post a surety bond. With a surety bond, the bail bond agent will post 10% on behalf of the individual to secure their release. The courts release the individual with the promise that the person will show up in court. Once the bail bond agent receives the 10% payment, they will post it on their behalf to help expedite release, explains Nick Stroboulis.

Property Bonds

Nick Stroboulis mentions that property bonds are not as common as other types — they’re most common in California. With a property bond, a piece of property gets used as collateral. If the individual violates the terms of the bond, the bail bond agent has full rights to the property used as collateral. Property bonds are not quick to obtain since the value of the property has to be evaluated first so that the process could take weeks. During the court hearing, the terms of the property bond are established.

Federal Bail Bonds

If a federal crime takes place, the only option for an individual is a federal bail bond. Nick Stroboulis mentions that while the federal bail bond process is similar to other bonds, the transaction has to go directly through the court. Individuals can secure a cash or property federal bond.

Nick Stroboulis is currently the owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc. in Davenport, FL. Before starting Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc., Nick Stroboulis owned Main Street Bail Bonds, and New Jersey Fugitive Recovery Group. He has also worked for American Express Co., Airlines Reporting Corp, Arpol Travel Agency, and. Nick Stroboulis currently lives in Florida with his wife.