Niclas Herle Donates $25,000 for Hurricane Relief

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Niclas Herle Niclas Herle

The Caribbean is one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations, renowned for its crystalline waters, sandy beaches, vibrant cultures, sunny weather, and welcoming residents. But the region is also one of the world’s hardest-hit by hurricanes each year. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew, the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Felix in 2007 and deadliest since Stan in 2005, pelted The Bahamas. It ravaged the region, causing extensive damage to several islands and killing or injuring hundreds. Niclas “Nick” Herle, philanthropist and aviator, donated $25 thousand and helicopters to help Bahamian communities recover from the disaster.

When Hurricane Matthew hit, Bahamians were still recovering from Hurricane Joaquin which had wreaked havoc less than a year before. In Haiti, where many residents were still recuperating from the 2010 earthquake, Hurricane Matthew took 546 lives. The hurricane also disrupted telecommunications and destroyed land and structures. Most homes on Grand Bahama in the townships Eight Mile Rock and Holmes Rock were damaged.

Niclas Herle donated the funds of $25,000 through two charitable organizations that provided food, supplies, and helicopters to communities.

He was awarded a Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA) from President Trump in 2017 in gratitude for his effort.

Niclas Herle has long been looking for ways to use his talent and passion for the good of society. At age 16, he founded his first company specializing in mobile radio services. His objective was to make professional-grade radio communication accessible and affordable for all people and lower-income firms. His interest in radio communication quickly transitioned into his pursuit of aviation, a field he has been dedicated to since 2007.

Whether it’s disaster relief, environmental conservation, or search and rescue efforts, Nick Herle is constantly looking for ways to apply his passion for aviation to helping individuals, businesses, and communities to make the world a safer and better place. He also endeavors to inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts through speaking engagements for schools and youth programs and is the author of the instructional book, “Pilots Handbook – Robinson R22 Beta and Beta II: Information for pilots and student pilots flying and going to fly the Robinson R22.”

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