Niclas Herle Provides Helicopter Support For Marine Wildlife Protection During Powerboat Races

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Niclas Herle Niclas Herle

Niclas Herle is much more than a Helicopter fanatic. Nick Herle’s passion for helicopters has existed all his life, and he keeps it alive through his company. He is the proud owner of Heli Aviation in Florida.

What Nick Herle loves most about helicopters is not just their design, but what they can do for people and animals alike.

In Florida, powerboat racing is a fun water sport thousands of spectators attend. Niclas Herle recognizes that powerboat racing, although fun, can be harmful to marine wildlife. He donates his helicopters to protect animals that live in the water during powerboat races.

Nick Herle believes his company’s helicopters are the perfect wildlife management tool. This is why he provides helicopters to organizations to aid and protect our planet’s animals.

When the powerboat races are over, Niclas Herle provides his helicopters to the FWC. The FWC stands for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

The FWC is a Florida government agency that protects the animals that live in our waters and forests. Nick Herle joins their cause. He, too, works to preserve Florida’s pinelands, sandhills, scrub areas, prairies, and wetlands.

He also cares deeply about Florida’s wildlife. Those who live on land and in the waters. Niclas Herle expresses the importance of limiting the impact powerboat races can have on marine wildlife.

For over 6 years, Niclas Herle has donated helicopters for aerial surveillance of the waters. He shares when he spots marine wildlife during powerboat races to ensure no one gets hurt.

Defending animals and their habitats is something Nick Herle is proud to do.

Floridians can still have great powerboat races on the water. And, with Nick’s help, they can do it without affecting the lives of the animals that live there.

Niclas Herle wants people and animals to enjoy the world we live in and its diverse environments. This is why he offers his helicopters for such events.

To make the world a safer place, it calls for action.

Nick Herle donates his ‘Heli Aviation’ helicopters all the time. He is always right there with his helicopters when we need him most.

He knows his helicopters provide a type of wildlife protection like no other.

Niclas Herle is grateful his helicopters can be of service to all residents of Florida.

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