Nine University Review – Is It A Scam? You’re Going to Want to Read This First

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Nine University Nine University

What is Nine University? Very simply, it’s a huge online training and coaching package that teaches you all the strategies and everything else you’d need to know for creating a massive monthly income from your own online business selling products on Amazon.

But why not just learn this from a book or YouTube? Sure, you can do that if you have the time. In fact, I would estimate that at least 75% of the core strategies they teach can be found in some book or video somewhere. But while that’s good for some, it could prove to be detrimental to others.

Nine University

First, there’s a time factor where someone just might not have the 2 years it would take to research everything there is to know about the subject, even if they knew what to research. There are a lot of books out there, but Nine University has included it all AND condensed it down. The core techniques are where it all starts, but that’s just the beginning. It just gets better from there with personal stories about their experiences, valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way, and what is working for today’s economy. In addition, the coaching that’s also included for every student is truly invaluable to the process and something that books just can’t offer.

Second, a lot of the online information I reviewed about buying and selling Amazon products is older information and very outdated. (The people posting the information let it stay up on YouTube since these older videos have a lot of hits and makes the poster look like they’ve got a large following.) Using some of these outdated tactics that some older videos are showing will lead to frustration at best and, at worst, getting your Amazon account banned.

According to their website and social media, their students are getting crazy results. Nine University has the testimonials from past students to prove they do what they say. Now granted, I would expect that only the best results get printed on their website, but $60-$80K in revenue is fine with me, even if I would only keep half of it, and some of their customers are doing over 100k a month or more from implementing their processes.

However, students need to understand that revenue doesn’t equal income that you get to keep. There are the costs of doing business which must be included, but that’s part of any online business you’ll encounter. And I wouldn’t expect it to be a fast process. There is a learning curve involved. However, the shortcuts and hacks included with the Nine University training and coaching are based on true experience and will shorten your learning time to almost nothing.

Based on the above and after thorough research, this appears to be a highly recommended program by many, many people. By looking at their website and the tons of testimonials from their successful students, Nine University is by far the best way to go for learning how to set up an online business with selling products on Amazon.