Nutritionist, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, Lists Foods Cancer Survivors Should Avoid

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Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme Foods Cancer Survivors Should Avoid Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme Foods Cancer Survivors Should Avoid

A nutrient-rich diet paired with exercise can prevent cancer from returning, according to Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme.

After fighting cancer, survivors should pay careful attention to their diet. Studies show that nutrition plays a major role in approximately 30% of cancer cases. Maintaining a healthy weight is the second leading preventable cause of cancer, which means proper diet and exercise is essential at all stages of life. Rosemary Barclay, founder, and owner of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, Connecticut, explains which foods to eat and which to avoid.


Many organic, healthy food choices can reduce the risk of cancer returning. Eating a diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein will help keep the weight off while supporting balanced nutrition. Nutritious fats derived from nut butter, avocado, and olive oil should also be added to this diet on a daily basis.


Just as some foods are highly recommended for cancer survivors, other foods are largely discouraged. Large quantities of fatty meat and processed meat are associated with a much higher risk of cancer. Rosemary Barclay explains that red meat is defined as beef, goat, lamb, pork, and veal.


Processed meats are considered a group 1 carcinogen.  They have been fermented, smoked, or cured for preservation and include popular foods like hot dogs, deli meats, and bacon. This news might be hard to swallow for some people, but Rosemary Barclay suggests replacing them with other options like chicken, turkey, or fish that is freshly cooked. 


Cancer survivors should also be wary of another hidden health risk – sugar. Cancer cells usually need sugar to grow and develop. Watch out for products with a high glycemic index such as soda, candy, sports drinks, cereal, and some frozen foods. Rosemary Barclay notes that some foods are marketed as healthy even though they aren’t. It is always recommended to check the ingredients list for preservatives, additives, and total sugar content.


Limiting alcohol is perhaps the most important nutritional advice a cancer survivor can take. It is also a source of empty calories, which means it has no nutritional value. These additional calories can contribute to packing on a few extra pounds.


About Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme believes that nutrition is fundamental to good health, and affects many facets of well-being, including the skin, energy, immunity, mood, and performance. The Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, offers solutions to problematic skin without the use of antibiotics or harsh chemicals.


She earned a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. in biochemistry in addition to becoming a board-certified nutrition specialist, certified esthetician, and acne specialist. Rosemary Barclay lives in Old Lyme, CT.