Owner Rodin Younessi Hosts Charitable Event at Space Coast Harley-Davidson Location

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Rodin Younessi Hosts Charitable Event at Space Coast Harley Davidson Rodin Younessi Hosts Charitable Event at Space Coast Harley Davidson
Rodin Younessi
Rodin Younessi

Rodin Younessi pursued his passion for motorsports by competing in national races and investing in a series of national dealerships. Known for his charitable efforts, Mr. Younessi gives back through regular donations and events sponsored through his dealerships.

Rodin Younessi, after taking over the Space Coast Harley-Davidson dealership in 2010, has developed a reputation for charity and event support. Over the years, he’s purchased and served as manager at landmark Harley-Davidson locations such as the Los Angeles Harley-Davidson, Top Rocker Harley-Davidson, and the Seminole Harley-Davidson among others.

Of his purchase of the Space Coast location, a local event coordinator in Palm Bay, FL says that under the ownership of Rodin Younessi, the dealership renewed its emphasis on helping a variety of charities. A year after taking ownership of the Harley-Davidson dealership, Mr. Younessi opened his venue to charities (and supporting vendors) free of charge for events put on there.

One of the most outstanding events hosted by Rodin Younessi at the Space Coast location was the SOAKed for Autism event which was designed to raise both awareness about autism and funds for SOAK (Supporting Our ASD kids, Inc.).

The President of SOAK, Silvia Hierro, was extremely appreciative of Rodin Younessi’s efforts to raise money and awareness for their cause. Through the event at Space Coast Harley-Davidson, Mrs. Hierro was able to share her group’s mission with the people of Palm Bay.

“We want to spread awareness and for the community to understand what autism is,” said Silvia Hierro. “All the kids are different, so it’s important for the community to understand that not one child with autism is the same as another one.”

Hundreds of people gathered at Rodin Younessi’s and Silvia Hierro’s joint event, which brought together citizens and local officials for a time of fun and philanthropy. The SOAK event included a range of water-based activities to help attendees escape the summer heat. There were water slides operated by local volunteers and water games provided by the Brevard County Fire-Rescue. In addition, the event also hosted traditional carnival favorites such as raffles, colorful face painting, a dunk tank (with Palm Bay Mayor William Capote), soccer shots, music, vendors, and more.

The SOAK event at Space Coast Harley-Davidson isn’t the only standout charitable effort from Rodin Younessi. In addition to other hosted events, he donated a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer charity, which helped raise funds for research and outreach efforts.

Rodin Younessi also donated a retrofitted motorcycle to local law enforcement that was
specifically designed for their agency by Mr. Younessi and his team. The motorcycle supports the agency’s efforts to protect the community as a patrol vehicle and will appear in static displays and local parades as well.

No stranger to charity, Rodin Younessi ensures that his high-volume dealerships are also contributors to organizations that provide help and relief to people around the world.