Pastor and Author Dr. Gene Lingerfelt Highlights a Selection of His Recent Publications

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Dr Gene Lingerfelt Recent Publications Dr Gene Lingerfelt Recent Publications

Faith Christian Center co-founder Dr. Gene Lingerfelt reflects on some of his most recent published works, including “10 Words That Can Change Your Life” and “The God Touch.”


Pastor Gene Lingerfelt

An established pastor, author, and missionary, Faith Christian Center co-founder Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has enjoyed a recent series of publishing successes with “The God Touch,” “A Book of Prayer,” and “80-10-10: Everyman’s Road to Riches,” all of which are now available to purchase online and in select bookstores.

Reflecting on some of his favorite and best-received works, Dr. Lingerfelt takes a closer look at his current best-selling books and touches on “You, Me and God: The Threefold Cord is Not Easily Broken,” which is a book he also co-authored with his wife of more than 40 years, Sue Lingerfelt.


Perhaps the most well known of Dr. Lingerfelt’s books is titled “The God Touch: The Power of Partnership in Faith, Family, and Finances,” and one which the author calls “a very important work.”


“‘The God Touch,’” he reveals, “challenges readers to enter into an eternal covenant with God for a rewarding and productive life.”


Equally popular is “10 Words That Can Change Your Life,” as Dr. Lingerfelt explains. “This powerful volume tells readers how to apply ten specific life-changing words,” says the author and pastor, “in order to build and strengthen their self-esteem and relationships while also fostering great success through a combination of leadership and faith.”


Next, Dr. Lingerfelt turns to “A Book of Prayer,” another of his highly regarded works. “‘A Book of Prayer’ offers scriptures on prayer, healing, and prosperity, in addition to personalized daily scriptures taken from my own life,” he reveals. “Meanwhile, ‘80-10-10: Everyman’s Road to Riches,’” Dr. Lingerfelt goes on, “is a formula for handling the money which flows through all of our hands.”


He continues, “Within ‘80-10-10: Everyman’s Road to Riches,’ readers will discover a simple, yet profound strategy for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and financial success. If you make an unbreakable covenant with God to live the 80-10-10 life, I believe that you will receive the blessing, abundance, and favor God has promised.”


The popular author and much-loved pastor have also co-authored a successful book on marriage with his wife, Sue, entitled, “You, Me and God: The Threefold Cord is Not Easily Broken.”  Copies of “You, Me and God” are available by calling the church bookstore and cafe at 817-561-3433.


“‘You, Me and God: The Threefold Cord is Not Easily Broken’ was written and first published by my wife and me two decades ago now, back in the late 1990s,” reveals Dr. Lingerfelt.


“In the book, readers are taught how to enjoy a happy and loving marriage,” he explains. “They’ll discover how to launch and continue marital growth as they find out just how tightly God can bind them together, and how, based on principles found in His Word, every couple can achieve what God intended in marriage,” Dr. Lingerfelt continues. “And what is that?” he asks, rhetorically.

“A marriage like heaven on earth!” reveals the Faith Christian Center co-founder.


Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has also authored several further, equally successful works including “Money: A Spiritual Force,” “Prayer and Confession for 2018,” and “When We Were Poor.”