Patrick Sasnett Encourages Taking Small Daily Steps Towards Living Healthier

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Patrick Sasnett Steps Towards Living Healthier Patrick Sasnett Steps Towards Living Healthier

Patrick Sasnett is a Florida pastor who spends free time coaching his community towards wholesome, healthier lifestyles. Understanding that change doesn’t happen overnight, he encourages a variety of small steps people can take to become more mindful, appreciative, and happy in their day-to-day lives.

Pastor Patrick Sasnett recognized that health and happiness are things that many people in America struggle with, including those in his immediate community. One of the biggest obstacles he repeatedly encountered was the fear of change, which deters people from making real improvements in their daily lives.

“People are naturally afraid of change and often get too comfortable in their habits and rhythms to want to change in the first place,” says Patrick Sasnett. “But at the same time, they report being unhappy or unhealthy and don’t have any hope of improving their circumstance.”

Failing health is a common topic in cities across the country, whether it’s poor heart health, poor diet, lack of nutrition and exercise, or other contributors. Happiness tends to follow the same trends with more and more people feeling depressed, hopeless, disconnected from the world, and lost as time goes on. Instead of transforming their lifestyles, Patrick Sasnett advises that people keep a few important aspects in mind and make small choices that will lead them towards a happier, healthier life.

“First and foremost, people should get a lot more activity than they do right now,” says Patrick Sasnett, noting the HHS study that claims more than 80% of people do not get adequate exercise.1 “And it doesn’t have to be tough or demanding; just a change from sitting down all the time.”

Patrick Sasnett suggests going for a fifteen-minute walk around the neighborhood each evening or getting involved in local sports leagues to boost exercise. He explains that a little activity can go a long way, helping people maintain blood pressure, reduce stress, and keep at a healthy weight. Additionally, he encourages people just to get out of the house to avoid feeling isolated or secluded and to break up monotonous routines.

Eating healthier will fuel the body with appropriate energy and nutrition, which he says can be as simple as introducing a daily multivitamin or cutting down on fast food. Instead of undergoing an entire diet change, Patrick Sasnett encourages people to make one healthy choice at every meal to eventually create a habit of healthier choices.

He also mentions that unhappiness may be a product of not having enough time in your day to do the things you want. People will be happier if they set aside even a small window of time each day to perform an activity that’s only meant for them to enjoy, he believes.

“People don’t have to overhaul their lives to see an impactful change in health and happiness,” Patrick Sasnett says. “With small steps each day, they can achieve positive longtime goals without even noticing.”