Pavel Rombakh Discusses Man-Made Disasters

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Man-made disasters have peaked the interest of humans for hundreds of years. Expert Pavel Rombakh discusses man made disasters and prevention measures.

As the general manager of the Catastrophe Prevention Research Laboratory in Virginia, Expert Pavel Rombakh has a deep interest and fascination with man-made disasters that started nearly twenty years ago.

“In the summer of 2007, a bridge collapsed in Mississippi and 13 people died. The analysis of the bridge that we have done based on the assessment of its condition showed that the bridge was actually doomed since 2004,” explained General Manager Pavel Rombakh. “With our research, we have made conclusions about the nature and cause of this disaster that differ from the official reporting and although we’ve been unsuccessful in convincing authorities, I promised myself that I would do everything possible to make sure disasters like this never happen again.”

Although these disasters seem rare and unrelated, through Pavel Rombakh’s research led by pioneering engineers throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s conclusive evidence points to common themes in disasters such as the Challenger Explosion, The Chernobyl disaster in Russia and the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Pavel Rombakh has pointed out that these disasters have a similar theme throughout.

“According to American researcher Lee Davis, man-made disasters are mainly caused by human factors, due to carelessness, selfishness, and a lack of preparation. Common themes between these accidents are consistent operational errors in how these disasters are addressed,” explained Pavel Rombakh. “For instance, engineer and physics expert Richard Feynman accused NASA of having made several mistakes and even pointed out the errors and how to avoid them after the Challenger explosion but NASA was not interested at the time in facts.”

There are common themes as well during the Chernobyl explosion in the USSR. Many scientists and physicists had created objective assessments of the causes of the disaster, but the government did not want to hear any of these assessments.

These man-made errors resulted in countless deaths and many disasters that were avoidable if we would have listened to scientists’ and not corporate entities that do not have the interests of humans at heart.

Man-made disasters occur for two reasons, firstly due to errors in the design and operation, the operation is considered as (the human-factor) and secondly due to a severe lack of knowledge on the objective laws by which these activities are governed. It is the duty of special committees and scientists to provide reliable methods of monitoring these conditions that can warn us of the possibility of accidents and eliminate the chances of accidents moving further.

Expert Pavel Rombakh is continuing to research man-made disasters and working towards preventing them in the future.

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