Pavel Rombakh Offers Tips for Knowing When to Remodel Your Home

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Pavel Rombakh When to Remodel Your Home Pavel Rombakh When to Remodel Your Home

Knowing when it’s the right time to remodel your home can be a difficult task. Expert, Pavel Rombakh offers tips for finding the right time to remodel your home

2019 is the year of do it yourself projects, and finding the right time to remodel your home can be a costly and time extensive activity. Home expert Pavel Rombakh offers his tips for finding the right time to remodel your home.

“Home projects don’t have to be a chore,” explained Pavel Rombakh. “With the right advice, everyone can start amazing home renovation projects this year.”

Deciding whether or not to remodel depends on your emotional attachment to your current house. How do you feel about your neighbors, the home location and the surrounding area are a handful of determining factors you should consider before your big remodel. 70% of homeowners who decide to remodel do so based on emotional ties to their home, that lead them to believe that the benefits outway the costs of a remodel.

In order to fully prepare for a full home remodel you have to be committed to your home for the long haul, and it starts with answering all of the questions that keep you connected to your home right now.

Pavel Rombakh also recommends figuring out how much space you and your family need. Many homeowners who are considering remodeling base their decision on a need for more space. Sometimes the benefits of staying and remodeling can come down to simply adding another bedroom to avoid the hassle of moving.

If the layout of your home can hold more space, you can easily change your three bedrooms into a four or five bedroom home, completely changing the feel and layout adding value and more space for years to come. These types of decisions can save you a headache, cost and time of a move.

Another important factor Pavel Rombakh encourages clients to consider is the time it will take to renovate. Remodeling certain parts of your home can take awhile to fully complete so it’s important to discuss each area of the house with your contractor so you have a realistic time frame for how long each area will take to complete.

With decades of experience, expert Pavel Rombakh is always available to coach your family through home repairs and remodeling.

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